Solid beach ball Palma

Palma solid beach ball. Inflatable beach ball compliant with EN71. PVC.

  • Product Dimensions: Ø 25 cm
  • Weight: 60 g

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The perfect item for the seaside

Safe, lightweight and customisable, the Palma beach ball is the perfect promotional item for your customers', employees' and business partners' leisure time. You can deflate the item to put in your bag, and then reinflate it once you are at the beach, thus saving space when travelling. It is medium-sized (with a 25 cm diameter) and relatively light (60 g).

Create the best beach ball for you

Firstly, you can choose which colour to pair with white: green, royal blue or red. Then you can customise the ball by adding your logo or message directly to the item, deciding whether to place it on a white or coloured area. The ball is printed using one- or two-colour pad printing on an area measuring 100 x 42 mm. For the first colour, you can either choose a custom shade or opt for one of the 12 options we suggest. For the second, optional colour, there are 11 predefined options, or again you can go for your own personal hue.

When should I use them?

Beach balls are the perfect free gift for open-air sporting events your business is sponsoring during the summer (such as beach football and beach volleyball). Giving your customers a branded product will ensure they remember you. You could also give this item out to your employees: it will make a great toy for their children.

Other products for fun on the beach

In addition to this beach ball, we have other leisure gifts for you to give to your customers and employees, all decorated with your brand. The Taurus frisbee could be a good option for playing at the seaside, while the California sunglasses will ensure there are no problems even in the heat of the day.