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Flag Banner Printing

Custom printed teardrop, straight, and feather flag banners

Pixartprinting offers 3 different eye-catching shapes of flag banners; Feather, Teardrop, and Straight, each offered in 3 different sizes. If you are looking to draw people into your business and/or event from the street, our flag banner printing will help you accomplish just that! Our high-quality flag banners makes great displays at gas stations, restaurants, car dealerships, and more. This type of product is great for any type of outdoor signage and will bring your business to life. There are many ways you can display these: on sidewalks with our Tripod base, directly into the ground with our corkscrew base, or anywhere that you can park a car with our drive-over base.


Choosing a shape from our custom printed flag banners is very important. See below for some quick tips on choosing the right shape!

  • Feather flags have an eye-catching shape.
  • Teardrop flags are more stationary to wind conditions.
  • Straight flags have the largest printable space.

Choosing the correct accessories to withstand the location of your event and/or business is important. See below for the types of accessories and brief description of them.

  • Tripod base is great for flat surfaces, asphalt, or any other hard surfaces.
  • Corkscrew base allows you to safely anchor your flag into any dirt or sand areas.
  • Drive-over base is used for parking lots, car dealerships, gas stations, etc.

Quick Tips:

  • Flag banners are to be used outdoors.
  • These can withstand the wind up to 37 mph.
  • Flags are meant to be seen from a distance, so we recommend that you do not use a lot of text.
  • These can be left outdoors, but should be taken in during stormy weather.

Our custom flag banners are produced on tear-proof, knit polyester to ensure they withstand all weather conditions. You also have the option to print a flag without the structure so that you can reuse your structure with different flag options. Each of our flag banners comes with a carrier bag and a ground spike base.

Once you have ordered our custom printed flag banners, you cannot stop there! Go and check out our high-quality Window Decals, as well as our Banners and Mesh for more storefront advertisement.