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Fabric Masks
Fabric Masks
If you're after a mask for everyday trips out of the house, whether to the supermarket, office or elsewhere, Pixartprinting has a wide range of options for you – choose from our Basic Mask, trumask™ or Ninja Mask™. Customise yours or explore all the ready-made designs.
trumask™: the fashion accessory with high filtration efficiency
trumask™ is the face mask with high filtration efficiency – over 99% – that provides maximum breathability at the same time. There are 270 designs to choose from And if you can't find what you're looking for, you can now also upload your own and customise your trumask™, even if you're only ordering a single copy.
Ninja Mask™: triple-layer safety for all the family
The Ninja Mask™ is made from a three-layer material that provides excellent breathability and lightness. Available in various sizes, you can also customise yours or choose from over 150 different designs!
The Basic Mask: affordability and customisation for your business
Our most affordable mask is the Basic Mask: perfect for your employees to wear in the workplace, you can customise the Basic Mask with your logo on both sides.
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