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Not personal protective equipment or a medical device
The trumask™ features an in-built nanofibre filter with a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of over 90%.
You don't have to throw your trumask™ away once you've used it. Simply wash it in the machine at up to 60°C and reuse it again and again.
Print your own artwork or choose from over 270 designs.
With two adjustable ear loops and two different sizes to choose from, the trumask™ can be easily adapted to faces of any size, while the seam towards the bottom ensures the mask fits perfectly over your chin.
Filtration efficiency of over 90%
The three-layer filter system offers high filtration efficiency while at the same time ensuring maximum breathability.
- 90%+ filtration efficiency
- Excellent breathability and comfort
- Water repellent

Download the test conducted on the filter material
Glamorous or sporty? Show off your unique style
The trumask™ allows you to select your perfect style. There are various categories, including solid colours, shapes and a range of patterns, with a total of 270 designs to choose from. And if you can't find what you're looking for, you can now also upload your own and customise your trumask™, even if you're only ordering a single copy.
Perfect fit, great comfort
The inner layer, certified for prolonged contact with the skin, is extremely lightweight and breathable. Wear it in comfort for your daily trips to the supermarket, when out and about, in crowded places or in any type of public or private office.
For all face types
Available in two different sizes, the trumask™ also features accessories to adapt it to any type of face: two adjustable ear loops, a black cotton edge that keeps the mask taut and a flexible bridge to ensure a perfect fit around the nose. What's more, a seam towards the bottom guarantees a perfect fit around the chin.
Washable and eco-friendly
The trumask™ is designed to last a long time, thanks to its three layers of ultra-high-quality fabric and its premium finishes, like the reinforced stitching around the entire perimeter, which make it resistant to wear and tear. It's also good for the environment: you can wash it up to 25 times without affecting its filtration capacity, so you don't have to throw it away after a single use.
Create your design: it's quick and easy
Customising your mask is a fast and straightforward process: if you've already got your logo or image, or you've already created a graphics file using our template, you can upload it now in PDF or JPG format and you'll see an instant preview of the finished result. And if you want to change it, no worries: you have an hour after confirming your order.
Not personal protective equipment or a medical device
The trumask™ is made up of three layers of fabric:
Water-repellent outer layer
100% polyester, 180 gsm, water-repellent, stretchy and crease-resistant.
Water-repellent filter layer
100% polypropylene with integrated nanofibre technology. The filter layer guarantees filtration efficiency of over 90% for up to 25 washes.
Layer in contact with the skin
100% polyester, 78 gsm, certified for prolonged contact with the skin and ensuring the maximum possible breathability and lightness.
Sizes and dimensions
Please note that the sizes given here may vary by +/- 10 mm.
How to put it on
Usage instructions
Wash your trumask™ by hand or in the washing machine before wearing it for the first time. Do not wash at temperatures higher than 60°C. We recommend using a detergent designed for delicate items. Leave to air dry or tumble dry at a low temperature. Do not iron.
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