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Privacy Policy

a) Data Controller

Pixartprinting S.p.A., with registered office at no. 8 Via 1° Maggio, 30020 - Quarto d'Altino (VE), Italy, e-mail address (“Pixartprinting”)is the company which, in its capacity as data Controller, collects and processes your personal data through the website (“Website”), pursuant to Regulation (EU) 679/2016 General Data Protection Regulation (the “Regulation”).

b) Processing purpose

The data that you provide us by filling in this electronic form is necessary to respond to your request, create a customised quote based on your requirements and, if necessary, re-contact you.

c) Consent

Your consent is not required to manage your request for a quote, pursuant to article 6, letter b) of the Regulation, as the processing carried out is necessary for the implementation of pre-contractual measures taken on your request.

d) Mandatory and optional data

We ask you to provide all the data marked as “mandatory” (*) (*) because it is required for your request to be submitted and for us to create the quote. Not providing the data marked as “optional” will not affect this.

Through the electronic form, you can describe your request and requirements, but we ask that you do not provide particularly sensitive or private information about you (e.g. information about your state of health, religious beliefs, etc.).

e) Processing method

Your data will be predominantly processed electronically to manage your request, create a customised quote and, if necessary, re-contact you.

The data will always be processed in compliance with the legislation in force, and in any event in such a manner as to ensure their security and confidentiality and prevent their dissemination or unauthorised use, their alteration or destruction.

f) Retention period

Your data will be retained for the time necessary to properly manage your request and create the quote and, in any case, until the end of the tax year following creation of the quote, after which time the data will be deleted or retained in anonymous or aggregated form.

g) Recipients

Your data will not be disclosed but may, for the purposes of managing your request for a quote, be shared with individuals authorised to process data and with the internal data processor in the Sales Department at Pixartprinting S.p.A., as well as with, in their capacity as external data processors, companies that provide us with services to help manage our website and sales.

h) Transmission of data outside the EA

To enable us to manage our Website correctly, Pixartprinting will transfer your personal data to countries not belonging to the European Union.

i) Your rights

By notice to be sent to the Head of the Marketing Department, at the office of Pixartprinting S.p.A. situated in Via 1° Maggio 8, 30020 - Quarto d'Altino (VE), Italy, e-mail address you may at any time exercise the rights set out in Articles 15 to 23 of the Regulation, including requesting information on which data we are processing, in which manner and for which purpose we are using them, amending the data you have provided us or erasing them, asking us to limit use of your data, and requesting receipt or transmission of your data to another data controller, always without prejudice to the possibility of amending or revoking your consent.

In addition, pursuant to Article 21 of the Regulation, you may always object to the processing of your data carried out, in particular, for purposes of direct marketing or analysis of your preferences.

j) Complaint to the Authority in charge of your personal data protection

We remind you that, should you be dissatisfied with the replies received from Pixartprinting (pursuant to paragraph i) here above), you may in any event, if you believe that the processing related to your person infringes the provisions of either the Regulation, lodge a complaint with the Authority for your personal data protection (, or with the Data Protection Authority of the country in which you habitually reside or work or where the alleged breach occurred.

k) Data Protection Officer

Pursuant to Article 37 of the Regulation, the data protection officer may be contacted at the e-mail address

l) Applicable law

The processing of your data will take place pursuant to Regulation (EU) 679/2016 General Data Protection Regulation and to the internal regulations in the field of personal data protection, within the limits and to the extent that such regulations remain in force subsequently to the implementation date of the Regulation (28 May 2018).

Your data may be disclosed to the following recipients in their capacity as external data processors:

(i) Companies that manage our website and related electronic files

(ii) Legal, tax and accounting consultants

Lastly, to manage any purchases you make, your data may be communicated to companies that ship and deliver our products, as well as with companies that carry out processes for producing and enclosing them.

In specific reference to the enclosing service, you are the data controller, while Pixartprinting is the data processor (in such case you authorise Pixartprinting to appoint its outsourcers as sub-data processors for the purposes of providing related services).

Articles 15 to 22 of the Regulation recognise specific rights, such as:

-      obtaining confirmation as to whether or not personal data concerning you is being processed;

-      obtaining access to your personal data and to the information set out in Article 15 of the Regulation;/p>

-      obtaining the rectification of the inaccurate personal data that concern you without undue delay or the supplementing of incomplete personal data;

-      obtaining the erasure of the personal data that concern you without undue delay;

-      obtaining the restriction of processing the personal data that concern you;

-      being informed of any rectifications or erasures or restrictions of processing in relation to the personal data that concern you;

-      receiving in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format the personal data that concern you;

-      objecting at any time, on grounds associated with your specific situation, to the processing of the personal data that concern you.

-      The above is without prejudice to your right to revoke at any time whatsoever consent to data processing you might have granted and to object to our analysis activities.

-      Moreover, pursuant to Article 21 of the Regulation, you will be entitled to object at any time, on grounds associated with your specific situation, to the processing of the personal data that concern you carried out in pursuit of the legitimate interest of the data Controller pursuant to Article 6(1)(f) of the Regulation, as well as for direct marketing purposes.

-      You can find the full list of your rights on

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