12 Inspirational Podcasts Every Creative Individual Should Listen To

12 Inspirational Podcasts Every Creative Individual Should Listen To

Tara Roskell Published on 4/22/2024

Should you find yourself in search of a boost in motivation or in need of some “virtual” companionship while journeying or embarking on your creative endeavors, consider diving into these exceptional creative podcasts designed to spark inspiration.

Introducing Your Creative Push

Initiated by Youngman Brown, also known as Mike Young, Your Creative Push came to life in 2015 when Mike, a fervent writer, felt disheartened by his struggle to allocate time to his creative pursuits. Turning to podcasts for inspiration and finding none that addressed his creative block, he decided to launch his own. Your Creative Push features conversations with creative professionals from diverse backgrounds and at different points in their careers, sharing their success stories and strategies. While the guests hail from various creative domains, their experiences are universally relatable. For those seeking inspiration within a specific creative niche, Youngman has got you covered.

Exploring Art for All

Art for All focuses on the democratization of art-making, encouraging listeners that artistic ability is not a prerequisite. Host Danny Gregory shares insights and encourages listeners to engage in creativity while tuning in to the podcast. Known for his captivating storytelling voice and as the author of numerous art and creativity bestsellers, as well as co-founder of Sketchbook Skool, Danny is well-versed in fostering artistic talent.

Discovering 3 Point Perspective

For fans of the renowned Inktober challenge, 3 Point Perspective, hosted by Jake Parker along with Will Terry and Lee White, delves into the illustration industry. Covering everything from enhancing illustration skills to the business aspects of being a professional illustrator, this podcast offers both educational content and entertaining anecdotes, such as their most embarrassing professional moments.

The Deeply Graphic Design Cast Journey

Launching several years ago to fill a void for a designer-focused podcast, The Deeply Graphic Design Cast serves as a treasure trove of industry insights and professional advice for graphic designers. Whether you’re a freelancer working from home or seeking to connect with like-minded professionals, this podcast simulates a communal office experience. Episodes feature a mix of co-host discussions and guest interviews from the design industry.

Unveiling The Accidental Creative

Hosted by Todd Henry, The Accidental Creative podcast addresses habits that sustain creativity. Particularly resonant are episodes discussing the balance between productivity and creative nourishment, offering solace to those familiar with exhaustion or creative blockades. Interviews with creative professionals provide further strategies for managing time, developing creative routines, and staying inspired.

Exploring Pencil Kings

Targeting artists, illustrators, and designers, Pencil Kings focuses on serious art creation, offering advice on various artistic and design careers, alongside insights into the business aspects of the art and design world.

Delving into Design Matters with Debbie Millman

As one of the most enduring podcasts for designers and creatives, hosted by Debbie Millman for over 14 years, Design Matters showcases a wide array of creative talents through insightful interviews. A notable episode features designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman discussing their project 40 Days of Dating.

The Side Hustle Show for Creative Endeavors

While not exclusively a creative podcast, The Side Hustle Show, hosted by Nick Loper, presents a plethora of ideas for transforming creative skills into additional income, featuring interviews with individuals who have successfully monetized their hobbies or passions.

NPR TED Radio Hour: A Source of Inspiration

Compiling clips from TED Talks into thematic episodes, the TED Radio Hour introduces listeners to ideas from a broad spectrum of disciplines, encouraging exploration of the full talks that catch your interest.

The Creative Penn for Writers and Entrepreneurs

Joanna Penn’s The Creative Penn podcast caters to those interested in creative writing and entrepreneurship, offering insights into self-publishing and creative business strategies from someone who transitioned from IT to a successful creative career.

The Chase Jarvis Live Show: Insights from Creatives

Photographer and Creative Live founder Chase Jarvis hosts this podcast, interviewing notable artists, celebrities, and creative entrepreneurs to inspire and shift listeners’ perspectives towards a more creative mindset.

Creative Pep Talk: Fueling Your Creative Career

Andy J Miller (Andy J Pizza), a graphic designer turned illustrator and podcaster, hosts Creative Pep Talk, providing advice and motivation for creatives seeking to carve out successful careers, with episodes featuring both solo insights and guest expert interviews.

For those with time to spare and a yearning for creative stimulation, any of these podcasts could serve as the perfect source of inspiration.