Promotional Items

A vast selection of customisable promotional products to give as gifts or hand out at trade fairs and other events. Promote your brand with our range of unique objects!

Customized Promotional Items

A promotional item is a gift distributed by professionals and companies during events to pique the curiosity of passersby and attract the attention of potential customers interested in their offers. But that's not all. Customized promotional items can also be given to customers when they make a purchase as a sign of gratitude for their trust. They serve as an effective communication tool, not only to improve brand visibility but also to strengthen customer loyalty.

If you are looking for a small item to give to your clients that will remind them of your company, or if you're searching for the ideal promotional item for your business, we offer a wide range of customized business items perfect for any occasion. You can distribute them in-store, at trade shows, or during any type of event.

Numerous Customized Promotional Items for Your Events!

You can choose from 6 different categories of business items, depending on your needs, and personalize the selected product by printing your logo or original graphics on the surface. The 6 categories include:

  • Customized Pens: a wide range of customizable pens with your company logo or a personalized message. Available in plastic or metal, perfect for any occasion!
  • Office and Stationery: numerous personalized stationery items to enhance your office. Choose from various models of notebooks, ballpoint pens, pencils, badge holders, and business card holders. Ideal for note-taking and business meetings, these gadgets will accompany your clients in their daily appointments, ensuring your brand takes center stage.
  • Luxury Business Gifts: a carefully curated selection of the best business items for high-value gifts. Personalized branded pens and leatherette notebooks to impress clients and colleagues.
  • Home and Leisure: a collection of useful promotional items for leisure and relaxation during the day. Various models of water bottles, thermal mugs, ceramic mugs, bottle openers, umbrellas, and many more. With these products, you can accompany your clients outside the office as well.
  • Technology: numerous everyday-use tools and useful accessories to support our smartphones. Among them, you can find various models of power banks, charging cables, and selfie sticks.

The Classic Customized Promotional Items: Pens, Pencils, and Much More

Among the most popular promotional items, special mention goes to customized pens and customized pencils. You can print your logo on a plastic or aluminum pen or on a wooden or mechanical pencil. Your customers and partners will have a useful tool to use daily during their workdays or leisure time. Placed on their desks, the personalized pen and personalized pencil will remind and showcase your brand at all times!

Personalized Promotional Items for Home and Leisure

Originality, color, and utility, all in one promotional item! Promotional items for home and leisure can be used by customers and partners in any situation. Badges, magnets, balloons, colorful bracelets, water bottles, mugs... They are numerous and all strictly customizable with your logo or an ad hoc graphic. Choose your favorite promotional item and personalize it as you wish! You can do it in just a few clicks and easily.

Among these special promotional items, you can also find customizable items for your daily work in the company: first-aid kits, safety vests, thermal lunch bags, and object bags.

Personalized Promotional Items for Luxury Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect customizable promotional item to package your business gifts? We offer customizable metal ballpoint pens and Vivella notebooks with a button, on which you can print or engrave your logo. Discover these exclusive brand products and create a unique and undoubtedly appreciated corporate gift!

Original Personalized Technological Items

Among the numerous customized promotional items in our catalog, you can also find technological items, including earphones, Bluetooth speakers, power banks, and selfie sticks. Choose the smartphone accessories you prefer and print them with your personalized logo. You can distribute them at fairs and events or in-store to share unique gadgets that are useful every day.

Explore Personalized Promotional Items for Children

Have you decided to dedicate some of your new promotional items to the little ones? At Pixartprinting, you can also find a series of personalized promotional items for children. We especially recommend customized magnets, original and colorful, customized bracelets, customized mugs, and customized balloons. You can personalize all of them with your logo or original graphics.

Order Your New Personalized Promotional Items Online

Once you have chosen the perfect promotional item for your upcoming event or store, you can configure it on the product page by selecting the customization options you prefer. After completing the configuration, download the useful Template with Instructions from our graphic designers to set up your file containing your logo or graphics correctly. This way, you will be sure to get the best possible result: personalized promotional items with high-definition printing, ready to be distributed to customers and partners. Place your order and upload your file to receive the product directly at your office through fast and punctual shipping.

In case of any doubts or special requests, rely on our Assistance services. One of our experts will always be ready to provide you with the support you need.

Economical Personalized Promotional Items: Discover the Affordable Prices!

Promotional items are printed in high-definition and are also affordable. Discover the advantageous prices and take advantage of the offer to order your new low-cost promotional items! On the product page, you can select the Quantity to access a convenient free quote, estimated automatically at the time of configuration. This way, you will always have the final price of your new personalized promotional items under control.

Every Business Item Has a Story

Personalized business items are an effective way to make yourself memorable. Distribute them during fairs or gift them to customers; there are countless promotional opportunities! Customizing items related to your customers' leisure or daily life is an effective way to make your brand or message unforgettable. Choose from a wide range of promotional items for everyday use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personalized Promotional Items

  • Why should I use promotional items? During fairs and events, the best result you can achieve is the attention of new potential customers. A promotional item with your personalized logo is an effective tool to make them remember your brand. Imagine being able to give passersby an everyday item, such as a pen or an agenda: every day they will have a reason to remember you.
  • Where can I order personalized promotional items with my logo? Pixartprinting is the ideal partner for online printing of personalized promotional items. Inside our website, you have the possibility to choose the promotional accessory that suits you best and select the customization options you prefer. In just a few clicks, you can order your new customized promotional items to receive them directly in the office quickly.
  • Which promotional item should I choose for my next event? Inside our website, you can find dozens of different promotional items. They are all customizable with your logo or an ad hoc graphic and printed in high definition. There are 6 categories of promotional items to choose from: pens, office and stationery, luxury business gifts, home and leisure and technology.