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Printed Bags – Cotton or paper custom printed by Pixartprinting

Printed Bags 

Printed bags, available in cotton or paper are from now on easily accessible through online order either in large or small quantities, depending on the specific product. Printed tote bags and printed paper bags are both of the highest quality and easily personalisible with your artworks, graphics or photos.

Customised tote bags

The customised tote bags are available in six different colours depending on the model and material, with one-colour screen printing on one or both sides, with 12 different colours to choose from.

The range includes four types of bag, made of cotton or non-woven fabric, with or without a gusset and in various formats, suitable for any event or communication need.

Choose a bag with a die-cut handle, zip or plastic coating or simply a classic cotton tote and upload your artwork, following the instructions available to download from the product page.

Printed Paper Bags

There is a wide selection of Printed Paper Bags allowing for a wide range of uses such as gift bags or shopping bags , from retail wholesale use to smaller personal orders. Printed paper bags are  perfect for wholesale orders available in either fully personalised print or a partial print, depending on your requirement. In any case printed paper bags may be either fully or partially custom printed or ordered without any personalisation whatsoever, always allowing for a choice of colour, size and type of handles.

Chose the right material, cotton or paper, size and colour in the end add your graphics and you’ll be amazed with the quality of these bespoke printed on of the printed bags.

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