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Offer valid for Leaflets and Flyers, Folded Flyers and Indoor Posters from 08:00 CET on 07/02 to 23:59 CET on 17/02. The maximum total for each print job is €500.00, with the most distant delivery date. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional codes, offers or discounts, and cannot be applied to goods that have already been purchased or to cancelled orders.

Rigid Media


Offer valid for the materials Foamex®, Aluminium and Plexiglas® (printed on front only) from 06/02 until 23:59 on 21/02, with the most distant delivery date. The discount cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional codes, offers or discounts, and cannot be applied to goods that have already been purchased or to cancelled orders.

For every print job of the materials Foamex®, Aluminium or Plexiglas® (printed on front only) ordered between 06/02/2019 and 21/02/2019, you will receive a Voucher worth 30% of the final sale price, excluding VAT and shipping costs. The Voucher is valid for 30 days from the issue date (with the exception of Vouchers issued in March 2019, which are valid until 31/03/2019), and can be used on any print job with a minimum value of € 30 (excluding VAT) on the following materials: Foamex®, Aluminium and Plexiglas®. It has no cash value, cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional codes, offers or discounts, and cannot be applied to goods that have already been purchased (previous purchases do not count towards the total required to receive the Vouchers). The maximum total for each Voucher is € 100.00. If the net cost of the print job to which the discount is applied is equal to or less than the value of the Voucher, a payment of € 1 will be requested.

Pixartprinting reserves the right to end or change the promotion at any time.


'The Voucher is calculated based on the 'final sale price' of the print job, i.e. the actual price paid by the customer after any discounts have been applied, excluding sales taxes or other similar duties, shipping costs and any other fees indicated separately to the item's sale price.
There is no limit on the number of Vouchers that can be received on any one day: any print job that meets the conditions of the promotion will generate a single discount code for the customer to use on a future print job. Cancelled orders will not count towards vouchers.


The Voucher will be sent to the email address specified in the customer's account the day after the print job is shipped, and in all cases only once payment has been made.


The Voucher will be available to use following receipt of the confirmation email, not necessarily for the next order.

To use the Voucher, log in to the website and enter the Discount Code given in the email in the 'Promocode' box when ordering. Click ACTIVATE NOW, and the total will be updated with the discounted price. The Discount Code can be used for all available delivery dates. Once used, the Discount Code cannot be reused on subsequent print jobs. The full value of the Discount Code will be used up in the order even if it is of a higher value than the item on which the discount is used.


If you have any questions, please contact Customer Services.

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Printing Services – Digital Printing Online- Pixartprinting

Printing Services - overview

Online printing services have never been easier and less complex than nowadays. Pixartprinting specialises in online printing services offering a wide range of products and services for any size business or project. Printing services online have changed the way printing is perceived and opened new frontiers and range of possibilities to business and general public from all walks of life .

Each month we provide online Printing Services such as personalised stationery, packaging and more to over 600,000 business or a brand customers across Europe for a great value for money. Our products are printed using only the most advanced printing machinery, and we regularly investing in new inks, printers and materials that provide exceptional results.

Printing Services - ordering process

Here at Pixartprinting we have created an easy and straightforward ordering process, in order to attain the premium Printing Services allowing all our various customers to personalised thier products in intricate detail. During your ordering process you will be able to choose your preferred paper type, weight and size along, shape and other details necessary to show the philosophy behind your product or service.

Throughout ordering process, there are numerous tips and information to take into consideration when preparing your printing file. Range of free Instruction Manuals, templates and galleries is available enabling you can create a bespoke product in line with your branding. In additions, for a small surcharge of €4 our Professional Graphic Operators can perform full verification of your file prior to sending it into print.

Printing Services - Delivery

An integral part of our Printing Services is to priovide great value for money, where large proportions of our products can be delivered in as little as 48 hours. In addition, to save even more, there is a choice of delivery dates, where the later delivery date will come with the lowest cost.

Customers who have yet to try Pixartprinting's Printing Services for themselves can also benefit from our ‘Try us for €1’ section where you can receive a number of business cards, invitations or posters for free with delivery costing only €1!  Check out also our Business cards section wich we update regularly with special offers.

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