Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are ideal for decorating the walls of offices, showrooms, shops and trade fair stands. The unique texture of the material, similar to painting canvas, adds depth to colours and gives images a sophisticated appearance. The fabric is also extremely tough and long-lasting, ensuring your print survives indefinitely.

Canvas Prints online: full customisation

Are you looking for a fashionable solution to decorate your home or office? Would you like to print your photos on a high-quality material to give them the visibility they deserve? Canvas Prints from Pixartprinting are an innovative, on-trend product, which stand out thanks to their unique characteristics. For private interior decoration or art exhibitions, events and opening celebrations, canvas is a material that is suitable for all situations, whether formal or informal.

With Pixartprinting, printing your canvas prints online is simple and effective, and only takes a few clicks. Quality and convenience are included in the price. You should not have to compromise on either. Our new canvas photo prints have been designed to allow you to display a quality product at an affordable cost. With fast and reliable shipping and a dedicated customer support team on hand to help with any queries, Pixartprinting is the ideal choice for canvas prints in the UK.

Custom canvas prints

There are two types of canvas photo prints to choose from:

  • Our classic Canvas Prints come in pre-defined sizes with an optional 2 cm frame in either white, black or wood, complete with hanging kit
  • Custom-Size Canvases, for which you can choose your own dimensions and frame thickness (either 4 cm or 6 cm)

Whichever you select, your photos will be printed on 350 gsm canvas fabric. Find out more about the qualities of this canvas below.

Canvas: a lightweight, high-quality material for your photos

Every photo has a story to tell. When you print one, your images take shape and reveal something about you and what you want to share with your guests. The vividness of the colours and precision of the details are linked to the material on which you print, as it strongly influences the final result. Canvas is an innovative material designed to give photos the elegance and sophistication of a painting. The resistant but lightweight internal frame ensures the tension of the canvas, which in turn provides optimal image visibility. Here are some of the reasons why canvas photo prints make an impression:

  • Photo quality: canvas is very similar to the material used for paintings and it ensures a high-definition print. Your images will be printed onto an innovative medium designed to showcase the colours and every single detail.
  • Lightness: our new prints combine canvas with a resistant but lightweight internal frame that is not visible on display. Installation is quick and easy.
  • Craftsmanship: what distinguishes our new personalised Canvas Prints from our classic Photo Canvas Prints printed on canvas-effect paper? Undoubtedly it's the final result. Careful research into materials has allowed us to create a unique and high-quality product with details that give it a nostalgic sense of craftsmanship.

Personalised canvas prints

Custom canvas prints are a sleek way to decorate all kinds of spaces, and they are also an excellent gift idea. Spoil your loved ones or create a gift that stands out from the rest by personalising canvas prints online with Pixartprinting.

FAQ about our Canvas Prints

  • What is Canvas fabric? Canvas is an ideal material for photo prints because it mimics a painting canvas. Made from polyester, our Canvas fabric produces high-quality images with clear details and bright colours.
  • Can I print my photos on canvas in a custom size? Yes. You can select one of 21 predefined sizes or enter your own preferred dimensions for your Custom-Size Canvases.
  • How do I hang my new Photo Canvas Print? Your new Canvas Print will come with a practical hanging kit including a handy gold hook. The frame and hook will not be visible when the print is on display.