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Describe your brand, tell your story or showcase all your products in style. Choose the size, material and binding that suits you, and customise magazines, books and catalogues however you like quickly and easily.

The majority of our products are FSC® certified – explore them now!
FSC ™ certification guarantees that these products are printed on materials sourced from forests that comply with rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.
Stapled Binding
The most common type of binding, affordable and used for a vast range of publications. Stapled binding is the ideal solution for impressive brochures, magazines, pamphlets and price lists. Customise the size and choose from a wide selection of FSC®-certified paper stock.

  • Affordable
  • Quick and easy to make
  • Suitable for publications with a low page count
Wire-o Binding
Full-circle binding perfect for business or publishing projects. Wire-o binding, available in two different colours, creates publications with easy-to-read pages that can be turned 360° and open completely flat. Position the coil however you like and create a fully customised product.

  • 360° opening
  • Quick and easy to make
  • Ideal for a vast range of publications
Perfect binding and sewn binding
Two great bindings, two ideal solutions. Choose perfect binding for classy catalogues and company profiles, or sewn binding to give prestigious publication that extra touch of style. Further enhance each design by choosing from a selection of the best paper types and various cover options.

  • Elegant
  • Durable
  • Ideal for publications with a high page count

Print Custom Books, Catalogs, and Magazines

Pixartprinting offers complete and innovative solutions for online printing and bookbinding of books, catalogs, and magazines, guaranteeing high-quality standards. With Pixartprinting, you can create bound products such as books, catalogs, and magazines, characterized by excellent quality and affordable prices, thanks to the innovative technologies employed. The proposed solutions range from perfect binding or stitched binding to wire-o binding and adapt perfectly to individual needs. As with many other Pixartprinting products, for online bookbinding, you can choose the paper, weight, and cover type (lamination, multiple colors, etc.).

Order your books, catalogs, or magazines with Pixartprinting easily and quickly! You will receive them directly at your home or office with timely shipping. Discover high print quality starting from just 1 copy!

Quotation and Online Printing of Books, Catalogs, and Magazines

If you are looking for a quality product at an unbeatable price, you are in the right place! Pixartprinting is the leader in online printing. Take advantage of the excellent value for money and print your projects! Customized books, catalogs, and magazines tailored to you.

The process for placing an order is extremely simple. Just choose the type of binding, the cover characteristics (such as weight and lamination), and the desired quantity. You can do it online on our website with just a few simple clicks:

  1. Choose the product you want to print: books, catalogs, and magazines with perfect binding, stitched binding, or wire-o binding.
  2. Configure the product: select customization options such as format, dimensions, orientation, paper type for the inner pages and cover, weight, and optional lamination.
  3. Download the Template and Instructions and set up your file: follow our designers' instructions to easily set up your file. This way, you can be sure to achieve the best possible result, namely the printing of high-quality books, catalogs, and magazines.
  4. Place your order and upload your file: once you have completed setting up your file, place your order and upload the file to complete the purchase.

Order the binding of your magazines, books, and catalogs in advance. This way, you will have an even more advantageous price! Take advantage of fast and punctual shipping to receive the product directly at your home or office with convenience.

Choose the Best Solution for Printing Your Books, Catalogs, or Magazines

You will discover many different ways to give shape and substance to your ideas. Choose the type of binding you prefer for printing books, catalogs, or magazines:

  • Wire-O Binding: the simplest, fastest, and most economical binding method.
  • Perfect Binding: for an elegant and impactful binding. The beauty and effectiveness of simplicity always impress.
  • Spiral Binding: one of the classic and most widely used systems. Practical and durable, it is a timeless technique to give shape to your products.
  • Stitched Binding (Sewn Binding): for those who appreciate details and for binding high-quality products. It is definitely an elegant way to give your ideas the support they deserve.
  • Foil-Stamped Binding: ideal for highlighting the details of your precious covers.
  • Books: printing and binding of substantial volumes, such as books and thesis papers. You also have the option to print hardcover books with a professional appearance.
  • Unbound Sheets: printing of unbound multi-page materials.
  • High-Volume Magazines: printing and binding of brochures or magazines to be distributed in large quantities.

Discover the Types of Binding for Online Printing of Books, Catalogs, and Magazines

We offer you different binding types to allow you to shape the desired product. Here are the main characteristics of each:

  • Wire-O Binding: the simplest binding type. It involves using two simple metal staples to attach the pages to the cover. Easy, fast, and economical.
  • Perfect Binding: suitable for thicker publications, it uses special glue to attach the pages to the cover. It is commonly referred to as "glued binding".
  • Stitched Binding (Sewn Binding): it is certainly one of the most advanced and elegant binding techniques. In this case as well, the pages are joined and glued to the cover, but before gluing, they are stitched together with thread.
  • Spiral Binding: fast and effective, it involves the use of a cylindrical-shaped metal or plastic spiral into which the pages and cover are inserted after punching.

For printing books and catalogs with a high number of pages, we recommend perfect bound or stitched binding. For printing brochures, magazines, and booklets with a limited number of pages, you can choose wire-o binding. Spiral binding, on the other hand, is suitable if you want to be able to flip through your products comfortably, taking advantage of the 360-degree opening of the volume.

Print Books Online, Including Hardcover

With Pixartprinting, you have the possibility to print your books online, starting from just 1 copy! Choose the type of cover you desire – flexible or hardcover, select the format and dimensions of the book, and the optional lamination of the cover and inner pages.

Our printing service is suitable for both small and large print runs. You can print a single copy of your new book to test its quality or select a large volume of copies. We do not limit your desire to showcase your creation!

Print Your Customized Catalogs

Do you manage a company or a store? Do you want to showcase your products or services by printing a customized catalog? With Pixartprinting, you can do it easily and quickly. Choose the type of binding you prefer and personalize your product. We recommend perfect binding or spiral binding if your catalog will have a large number of pages. You can choose wire-o binding if the pages in the catalog will be limited in number.

Print Your Magazines Online

Are you in charge of publishing a magazine, newspaper, or corporate magazine? With Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to print magazines and magazines even in large volumes. We offer a fast, convenient, and affordable printing service to regularly produce your publications. Discover all the customization options, and remember that higher volumes correspond to lower unit prices!

Print Books, Catalogs, Magazines, and Much More!

For an impressive and complete presentation, discover our customized shopper bags. You can offer your customers or collaborators a complete gift by giving them a bag that matches your company's coordinated image or the cover of your catalog.

Don't limit your desire to communicate! Choose the quality and punctuality of Pixartprinting. We are at your disposal all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Perfect Binding? Perfect Binding is typically used for materials thicker than 3 mm. The pages are attached to the cover using glue to ensure adhesion. This is the typical binding technique used for the production of books, corporate catalogs, theses, and other high-thickness products.
  • What is Spiral Binding? Spiral Binding is performed using a metal or plastic spiral to which perforated sheets are attached.
  • What is Wire-O Binding? Wire-O Binding is usually the most economical among binding techniques but is suitable for low-thickness products such as paper magazines, booklets, and brochures. The pages of the document are held together by applying two metal staples.
  • How can I print a book online? At Pixartprinting, you can find a wide range of solutions for printing your materials: books, corporate catalogs, magazines, brochures, and much more. We provide you with a convenient and reliable online printing service through which you can bring your publishing projects to life. Discover our proposals now and print your publishing products in just a few clicks!
  • Why should I choose Pixartprinting? Pixartprinting is the ideal printing partner with twenty years of experience in the industry. High-quality printing, careful selection of materials, punctuality of service, and customer care are the guiding principles of all our activities. Discover a convenient and reliable online printing service to bring every one of your projects to life in just a few clicks!