Labels and Stickers

The vast range of roll labels and stickers, both large and small, in Pixartprinting's catalogue allows you to customise any type of product or surface. Choose the variety that best suits your project, from the smallest labels to large-format stickers for attaching anywhere and everywhere.

Customized Label Printing Online

Indispensable for labeling any object or support, here are truly irreplaceable communication tools: customized labels. Choose Pixartprinting to create your new custom adhesive labels with the highest print quality. Select the label model you prefer, choose the ideal configuration options, and upload your file with just a few clicks. You will receive your new labels directly at your store, office, or home.

With customized labels, you have the opportunity to provide customers with all the information about your product and give visibility to your brand. The customization options are numerous (material, format, cutting methods, finishes), as are the usage contexts: bottles, jars, bags, and other packaging items.

Experience Combines Quality and Affordability: Print Your Adhesive Labels with Pixartprinting

Pixartprinting guarantees high-quality printing of customized labels in any shape and on a wide range of materials, thanks to state-of-the-art technologies. With our twenty years of experience, we can offer you excellent results at affordable prices. You have the opportunity to order your new custom adhesive labels online at advantageous prices and receive them quickly and punctually at your office (or home).

We offer our passion and our best printing technologies for online custom label printing. Our customer support service will be ready to assist you at any stage of the purchasing process, in case of doubts or specific requests.

Custom Labels for Bottles, Jars, and Packaging

Custom adhesive labels are useful for identifying objects of all kinds, personalizing containers, or making a statement on any surface. They can be applied in one simple step and are also extremely creative. A trendy communication tool suitable for many contexts: packaging of industrial or homemade food products (such as jam jars, honey, wine bottles, liquors, etc.), creating tailored packaging for your cosmetic products, interior decoration, or creating signage for your shop or company.

Combine custom labels with our custom packaging to make your packaging unforgettable and impress customers!

Custom Labels and Stickers in Various Formats: Maximum Creative Freedom

Pixartprinting offers you the perfect solution and format for every need and use. You have the possibility to choose from five different types of self-adhesive products:

  1. Custom labels on a roll: You have nine different types of this item available, ranging from traditional adhesive labels to those suitable for specific uses (such as those for cosmetics or alcoholic beverages). In addition to the default format, you can always indicate your custom size, from a minimum of 1x1 cm to a maximum of 30x30 cm. With 21 available materials, you will find the labels that best suit your intended use and brand.
  2. Adhesive stickers: You can choose the most suitable item from the four available. Half-cut, full-cut, and resin-coated stickers allow you to indicate your custom measurements, while sheet stickers allow you to insert stickers of different sizes and formats within the same A3/A4/A5 sheet. The half-cut, full-cut, and sheet stickers are made of polypropylene, while the resin-coated ones are made of vinyl.
  3. Large format stickers: Here you have eight types of products available, suitable for different surfaces (from walls to cars, glass, and floors). You can indicate a custom format for each item and choose from a wide variety of materials, 24 in total.
  4. Magnetic supports: Made of 900µ magnetic film, they are suitable for vehicles or surfaces made of iron and steel. You can also customize the measurements here, ranging from 10x10 cm to 300x99 cm or 99x300 cm.
  5. Labels and sticker sample pack: The labels and sticker sample pack contains our self-adhesive products, which you can try out firsthand.
  6. PVC adhesive sample pack: PVC adhesives, wallpaper, and magnetic films. Try our customizable items for decorating your spaces.

Custom labels and other adhesive products from our catalog are ready for use. Print your new self-adhesive items easily and quickly and stick your original images on your surfaces.

Original and Customized Labels on a Roll

Adhesive labels on a roll, thanks to their practical roll disposition, are ideal for industrial use. You can choose the height, diameter, and core size of the roll to adapt it to your intended use. Customized labels on a roll can be applied to wine or beer bottles, honey or jam jars, and bags and food packaging.

Among the many available materials are classic plastic adhesive labels, transparent labels, and paper labels.

Custom Paper Adhesive Labels

Ideal for packaging, bottles, jars, and bags, paper adhesive labels are available in 11 different types of paper. They are completely customizable and printed in high definition. You have the possibility to choose a default format (circular, square, or rectangular) or a custom format, indicating the desired dimensions. You can also apply a surface lamination to protect the print from scratches and make your new labels pleasant to the touch and visually appealing.

With a paper label, you can showcase the artisanal or sustainable nature of your product. Discover the most suitable material for you and create a beautiful label for your packaging!

Custom Plastic Labels

Durable and long-lasting, plastic labels are the most suitable solution for manufacturers who want to rely on labels with great adhesion. With Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to print your new plastic labels, choosing from 5 materials and numerous customization options: default or custom format, dimensions, lamination, embellishments, and roll configuration.

Polypropylene is a versatile and resistant material capable of withstanding the stresses typical of product storage and transportation.

Holographic Adhesive Labels and Security Seals

Holographic adhesive labels feature a special mirror effect that reflects rainbow colors when exposed to light. They are made of metallized polyethylene with a mirrored finish and can be customized with your graphics. You can choose the format, dimensions, and even customize the support roll.

The holographic label, together with a warranty seal, helps communicate the quality and integrity of your product. You can use the warranty seal to seal the box or package. It is made of high-strength polystyrene, a special adhesive material that cannot be removed from the surface of the box except by breaking the sticker.

Custom Labels for Wine and Beer Bottles

Adhesive labels can be used on a wide range of products. Within our online catalog, you can find a variety of label usage contexts. We have carefully selected the best materials for each sector to make your choice easier. For example, for Wine Bottle Labels, we have chosen specific types of paper and plastic that are particularly suitable for application on glass. Similarly, for printing Beer Bottle Labels, you can choose from various supports to communicate the quality of your product.

Custom Labels and Adhesive Stickers

Custom labels on a roll are just one of the adhesive products that can be printed through our website. You also have the possibility to create beautiful custom adhesive stickers to promote your products, services, or events. We offer different sticker models: full-cut, half-cut, sheet, or resin-coated.

Furthermore, within our catalog, you can also find Large Format Stickers, perfect for decorating your walls, shop windows, or your store's floor. Use them to communicate your best promotions and attract customer attention!

Customizing Adhesive Labels Online, Quotes, and Purchase

You can create the supports you need exactly tailored to your requirements. Choose from the finest materials - from white or transparent polypropylene to adhesive papers - and the most valuable finishes, such as scratch-resistant treatment and lamination (glossy, matte, and soft touch).

Online configuration of customizable adhesive labels is simple and quick. Choose the customization options you prefer within the product page and create your ideal labels! You can download the useful template to have instructions from our experts, who can guide you through the setup of your print file.

Thanks to the convenient online quote, you will know the final price of the labels during the purchasing process. It will be immediately visible as you configure your print job.

Thanks to the high level of automation and process optimization, Pixartprinting offers you the opportunity to have your custom labels quickly. The shipping date of the product will be communicated to you during the purchase process.

Create your personalized adhesive labels online and rely on Pixartprinting to guarantee you the best quality at an affordable price!