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Custom business cards

After a firm handshake, a business card is the best way to ensure that someone remembers you and your business. It is perfect for any occasion: meetings, events, trade fairs or even business opportunities.

That's why it's important to be well prepared. Print your personalised business cards with Pixartprinting. Even in the age of smartphones, business cards are still one of the strongest tools to ensure that a customer or contact remembers you and your brand easily. On just a few centimetres of paper, you can represent yourself and your personality and make useful professional contact details available to anyone.

For all these reasons, it is unthinkable to start your own business without having one of the most indispensable tools at your disposal: custom business cards.

Want to create custom made business cards? It's easy with Pixartprinting!

Once you understand the importance of this product, all that is left is to get to work! There is no need to leave your desk or house; custom business card printing online is the fastest and easiest way to obtain one of the most fundamental and important communication tools. First impressions are crucial, so each feature should be selected carefully, firstly the business card paper and the model.

With Pixartprinting, you can choose all the options that best meet your requirements, and create custom made business cards online in just a few simple steps. Choose from a selection of business card sizes, select all the details, choose your preferred delivery date and upload your graphic design. At a competitive and affordable price, you can produce unique, personalised business cards without leaving your desk.

To meet all your requirements and anticipate any possible needs you might have, Pixartprinting is updating its range of custom business card printing solutions. Numerous models and types of finishes are available so that you can create the perfect business cards for your brand and communications. Whether they are classic or more unique, you can express your personality with Pixartprinting. Try the transparent PVC, the rounded corners, the range of premium paper or the 3D varnish. It is possible to create ideal business cards.

Today, Pixartprinting is proud to meet its customers' requirements for custom made business cards online with new products, new paper types and high-quality finishes.

The quality of the business cards remains of the same high standard as always, but the range is expanding its possibilities, offering customers a number of product solutions designed by Pixartprinting:

Paper Business Cards

The classic solution that has traditionally been used for quality business cards printed online.

Now available with new types of paper, finishes and processing, all of a high standard. Simple and effective, the classic customised business cards combine a high-quality print with a fast and competitive service, in three different sizes. The paper types available include:

  • Classic Demimatt - Matt Coated
  • Classic Gloss - Gloss Coated
  • Extraprint Paper
  • Rembrandt Paper
  • Recycled Paper
  • Turner Paper
  • Ice White Paper
  • Underwood Paper

Laminated Business Cards

Choose from a range of lamination options to make your business cards shine, increase their resistance to ageing and to give them a distinctive touch. The quality finishes available include: laminated paper with glossy front and back, laminated paper with matt front and back, or laminated paper with soft touch front and back.

Multi-Layer Business Cards

A refined solution designed by Pixartprinting to offer customers elegant business cards. Made up of two layers of white paper and a double layer of coloured paperboard in the centre, our multi-layer business cards are ideal for those who care about details.

Available in a classic or square format and five different colour seams with four-colour printing with blind embossing or hot stamping.

Square Business Cards

An extremely useful solution that is particularly popular for its creative possibilities. A highly customisable and unique format thanks to the wide choice of paper types available, which allow you to create compact and innovative business cards.

PVC Business Cards

Practical and indestructible, our PVC business cards are original and durable. Available in two different sizes with four colour printing, they can be customised with 3D varnish and a gold or silver coating.

Eco-Friendly Business Cards

For those who want to create exclusive yet environmentally-friendly business cards, Pixartprinting has a choice of two different types of recycled paper. Available in four different sizes, they get your message across effectively and sustainably.

Business Cards with Rounded Corners

Enjoy a smooth presentation with our business cards with rounded corners. You can choose from various paper types with optional finishes for a soft yet striking effect.

Choose the best solution for your business from all these custom business card printing options and unleash your creativity! The great thing about ordering custom business cards is that you can choose every single feature, from the paper to the lamination and finish, not to mention a selection of business card sizes. Express yourself and represent your business stylishly.

A business card is the best way to introduce yourselves and your business. Seize the opportunity to make a good first impression!

Remember to visit the Fast Lane section where you will find a host of other products at truly exceptional prices! Business cards are the first step towards advertising your brand, but there are many other products that can help to expand your communication activities. For example, why not try our flyers and brochures that can be distributed in-store or at a trade fair? The stapled binding will help you to promote your business and give potential customers a clear idea of what you have to offer. Once you have introduced yourself, you will also need to get yourself recognised, so print your corporate image on envelopes, headed paper or notebooks and hand them out to your contacts during a meeting or event.

Every year, Pixartprinting successfully meets the requirements of over 250,000 customers across Europe. The guaranteed quality is sure to satisfy even the most discerning businesses.

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