Pixartprinting's vast range of stickers is ideal for customising your products or creating unique free gifts to hand out at trade fairs or in your shop. Choose from die-cut or kiss-cut stickers, sticker sheets and domed stickers, and stick your designs wherever you like.

Affordable Custom Sticker Printing

Various Applications for Custom Printed Stickers

Captivate your customers with eye-catching stickers that make their brands stand out. Pixartprinting offers fully customizable sticker printing in a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes to meet all business requirements.

Stickers can be easily applied to stationery, external walls, vehicles, and promotional products. Choose from sticker sizes ranging from 1 cm x 1 cm to 30 cm x 42 cm, allowing your product to be as discreet or bold as desired.

Custom Label Printing

Pixartprinting provides several types of custom printed stickers:

  • Kiss-cut stickers and die-cut stickers: Available in circular, square, or rectangular shapes, or you can create a custom shape. Made from white or transparent polypropylene, with finish options including scratch-resistant varnish or matte, gloss, or soft touch lamination. Kiss-cut stickers are easy to remove, making them our bestseller. Both types are designed for indoor use.
  • Sticker sheets: A5, A4, or A3 sheets in landscape or portrait orientation. Stickers are kiss-cut in white or transparent polypropylene, allowing different shapes on the same sheet. Optional varnish and lamination for added quality and protection.
  • Domed stickers: Create a 3D effect by digitally printing on white or transparent adhesive vinyl. Choose from circular, oval, square, rectangular shapes, or create a custom shape. Available in white or transparent adhesive vinyl, or adhesive vinyl with a gold, silver, or glossy chrome background.

Stickers - Printing and Delivery

To achieve optimal results, ensure your graphic file is in PDF format and has a resolution between 200 and 350 dpi. Files below 70 dpi will be automatically blocked to maintain printing standards. For a small surcharge, our Graphic Designers can verify your file to ensure the best final result.

Our online quote form provides real-time cost calculations, allowing you to adjust your choices to stay within budget. With fast turnaround, your stickers can be delivered in just 48 hours, and you can track your order's progress through your Pixartprinting account.

Custom Printed Stickers with Pixartprinting

Pixartprinting is committed to innovation, ensuring competitive prices and high product quality, even for large volumes. Our online ordering process is simple, with customization options tailored to your chosen product. Our dedicated Customer Support team is available via telephone or email to assist you along the way.


How do I print custom stickers?
Choose the sticker type that suits your needs and visit the corresponding product page. Follow the step-by-step order form, selecting customization options such as material and size. Choose quantities, prices, and delivery dates. Download the Template and Instructions files, upload your print file, and place your order.

What types of stickers are available in the catalogue?
We offer four types of custom stickers: Die-Cut Stickers, Kiss-Cut Stickers, Sticker Sheets, and Domed Stickers. They are available in various materials, shapes, and sizes, with optional special finishes and lamination.

Which cutting mode should I choose for my custom stickers?
Die-Cut Stickers have the cut following the print's edge, without any additional white space. Each sticker can be individually handed out. Kiss-Cut Stickers are printed across the entire backing surface with a cut in the desired shape. Sticker Sheets allow multiple stickers of different shapes and sizes to be printed on a single sheet.

What materials are used for custom stickers?
Stickers are available in white or transparent polypropylene. The acrylic adhesive is permanent, highly transparent, and provides excellent bonding properties. Special finishes and lamination can be added to enhance and protect the print.