5 Outstanding Printed Magazines

5 Outstanding Printed Magazines

Alessandro Bonaccorsi Published on 4/22/2024

In spite of digital advancements, printed magazines continue to thrive. This phenomenon mirrors the music industry where vinyl records have seen a resurgence, appealing to those seeking a richer auditory experience and the tangible emotions and sensations that digital formats lack.

In the magazine sector, while general-interest publications may see a decline in physical sales (though not necessarily in readership) in favor of digital formats, specialized and even niche magazines are not only surviving but in some cases, boosting their sales. They often set the standard for production quality and marketing excellence.

These publications range from widely circulated to niche or essentially self-published magazines with global distribution, albeit in limited numbers.

It’s recognized that digital media currently engages primarily our visual and auditory senses with text, video, or music content. However, it falls short of print media in delivering tactile and olfactory experiences. Unless one intends to consume the pages literally, taste remains uninvolved.

Acknowledging this, publishers and designers have endeavored to enhance magazines, making them more tactilely and visually appealing through innovative printing techniques, embossing, and various finishes to engage more senses beyond just sight.

Our selection, though inevitably limited, also considers a few magazines that have ceased publication or evolved over time. The underlying idea is that anyone can pick up these magazines from a newsstand, a flea market, or even a relative’s collection to appreciate, analyze, and potentially inspire the creation of their own publication, even if it’s self-produced.

The tangible experience of flipping through pages, feeling the paper, and inhaling the print is irreplaceable, reminding us that we’re not just visual or digital beings.

Hence, the enduring appeal of magazines.

Regarding binding, noteworthy magazines opting for durability and distinction choose perfect binding over staples, resembling books in their permanence and often featuring a spine, inviting placement alongside books rather than magazines.

DOMUS, established by Gio Ponti in 1928, remains a seminal publication in architecture and design, maintaining high standards in visuals and print, collaborating with renowned graphic artists and illustrators.

Credits: https://www.domusweb.it https://lorenzomattotti.blogspot.it/p/illustrations.html

WIRED, despite its ups and downs in Italy, continues to be a bastion for exploring new printing technologies, standing out for its innovative use of graphics and infographics, particularly in its international editions.

Credits: https://mag.wired.it/

IL – Intelligence & Lifestyle, emanating from Il Sole 24Ore, has distinguished itself with its graphic sophistication, especially under Francesco Franchi’s art direction, becoming internationally acclaimed for its editorial design.

Credits: https://www.francescofranchi.com/projects/editorial

NOVUM, tracing its roots back to the Bauhaus era in 1924 Germany, remains a vibrant voice in graphic design, offering in-depth yet accessible insights into contemporary visual trends.


Nautilus, a relatively recent entrant, has quickly become known for its compelling content and exquisite design, demonstrating that a well-crafted magazine can still attract a devoted readership.

Credits https://magpile.com/nautilus/ https://glandien.de/nautilus/

For those interested in the most exquisite magazines globally, following the Society of Publication Designers and exploring MagPile can offer a window into the world’s most beautifully designed publications.