Dimensions of Business Cards: Popular Sizes and Measurements for Creating Business Cards

Dimensions of Business Cards: Popular Sizes and Measurements for Creating Business Cards

Massimiliano Santolin Published on 4/19/2024

The standard size for a business card is typically 85 x 55 millimeters. This size is the norm for the rectangular shape of business cards, which are often printed on 350 gsm unlaminated paper. While paper is the most common material for business cards, the usage of other materials like recycled paper, various types of plastics (including metallic, transparent, and polycrystalline), and rubberized cardboard is becoming increasingly popular.

There is a range of business card sizes, but the primary ones are equal to or smaller than a standard credit card, which is 90 x 55 millimeters. This size is convenient for storage and transport, making business cards practical to carry and use.

Below are the main dimensions of business cards:

Business card sizes
Width (mm)Height (mm)
90 mm50 mm
85 mm55 mm
75 mm45 mm
55 mm55 mm

The most common business card dimensions are crucial for being memorable.

For professionals attending meetings, business lunches, or engaging in travel discussions, the exchange of business cards often adds significant value to the conversation. The act of giving a printed business card still conveys a sense of professionalism and preparedness even today. Therefore, being familiar with the most common business card sizes is essential for creating an effective and memorable card.

Let’s review the sizes of the most frequently used business cards:

The classic rectangular business card is 85 x 55 millimeters. This size is similar to that of a credit or ATM card, making it easy to store in a wallet. Its compact size is familiar and convenient, providing enough space for all necessary details, either on both sides or just the front. These business cards can be made from traditional paper or alternative materials like recycled paper, PVC, or rubberized cardboard.

Measures classic business card
Business card size 85×55 mm

Rectangular business cards measuring 90 x 50 millimeters are another popular choice. This shape is slightly longer and narrower, offering an elegant look. Despite the altered dimensions, there’s no compromise on the space for text and graphics, allowing for extensive customization on both sides.

Rectangular business card measures
Business card sizes 90×50 mm

For a smaller alternative, there are business cards measuring 75 x 45 millimeters. This size is more compact than the standard, providing a unique and easily portable option. While the available space is reduced, it still accommodates essential information, albeit requiring more thoughtful design due to the smaller area.

Rectangular business card size
Business card sizes 75×45 mm

Square business cards, measuring 55 x 55 millimeters, offer a different approach with their reduced and equal-sided dimensions. The format necessitates careful placement of text and images due to the limited space. However, the square shape is an alternative and appealing choice, notable for its ease of handling, storage, and distinctiveness.

Square business card measurements
Business card sizes 55×55 mm

In summary, you can choose the size that best suits your needs, personalize your business card, have it printed, and delivered swiftly to your doorstep!