Emporio Armani: The Emblem and Legacy of a Style Dynasty

Emporio Armani: The Emblem and Legacy of a Style Dynasty

Redaktionen Redaktionen Published on 4/19/2024

Milan, towards the end of the 1970s, witnesses the coronation of its fashion monarch: George, esteemed internationally with this moniker. Alongside Giorgio Armani, Milan is destined to emerge as the epicenter of style, transforming the “Made in Italy” tag from a mere identifier to a symbol of finesse, refinement, and distinction.

How did this globally renowned fashion label come to fruition? What’s the story behind the emblematic eagle, whose wings spread wide, touching the farthest reaches of global retail? This narrative unfolds that journey.

The ascent to a fashion dynasty

1934 saw the birth of Giorgio Armani in Piacenza, Italy. Veering off from medical studies in Milan, his path led him to collaborate with Rinascente’s architects, enhancing the image of the esteemed department store. It was here that Armani’s design flair and aesthetic inclination flourished, foreshadowing his future in fashion design. By 1964, Armani delved into apparel design, marking his entry into fashion with a notable stint at Cerruti for Hitman, a menswear label. This period, lasting until 1970, was pivotal in shaping his career.

Such was its impact that by 1975, Giorgio Armani Spa was established as an autonomous fashion entity, initially offering menswear and expanding to womenswear the following year.

The legacy continued to grow, from Diane Keaton donning an Armani suit for her 1978 Oscar win to the tailored outfits for Richard Gere in the 1980 movie “American Gigolo.” The brand’s influence attracted stars like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Laura Pausini, and many others, too numerous to enumerate.

The conception of Emporio Armani in the early 1980s marked Armani’s venture into appealing to a youthful demographic and accommodating various financial capacities. This led to the introduction of a more affordable clothing line, with denim as its staple. This was a groundbreaking move at the time, stirring both acclaim and skepticism, yet it ultimately captivated a broad and eager customer base with its accessible, modest, and stylish collections.

The inspiration behind “Emporio” and its emblem delves into Armani’s desire for the line’s name to evoke a marketplace offering a wide array at reasonable prices, catering to a diverse, urban clientele.

Regarding the logo:


Featuring an eagle segmented by horizontal lines and embedding the designer’s initials, set in the sophisticated serif of Didot LT. The eagle, intriguingly, pays homage to America, Armani’s significant market, despite its eastward gaze – a detail that challenges the myth of its origin. Armani recounts the spontaneous creation of the logo, a quick sketch done during a phone call, at the behest of his partner Sergio Galeotti. This hastily conceived emblem became a powerful symbol, encapsulating the brand’s essence: minimalistic, balanced, simple, refined, and dignified.

This narrative highlights how sometimes, the most profound ideas emerge serendipitously, lying in wait within us, ready to soar when the moment arrives.