Incredible Illustrators and Their Discovery Locations

Incredible Illustrators and Their Discovery Locations

Alessandro Bonaccorsi Published on 4/19/2024

Embarking on a Quest for the Perfect Illustrator

Dive into the vibrant and imaginative realm of illustration as we explore where to discover the finest or most fitting illustrators for our projects.

It’s noteworthy that the landscape has dramatically shifted over the past decade: while some digital platforms have maintained their popularity, others have seen a decline in users, giving way to social networks, particularly Instagram, which has become a sort of social portfolio for showcasing one’s work.

This guide will navigate through various platforms, websites, and social media where the world’s most talented and unique illustrators are found. Whenever we require an illustration for a project, it’s essential to remember the vast array of available artists and styles. For enthusiasts of original projects, engaging a professional illustrator is unparalleled.

Behance: Adobe’s Global Portfolio Showcase

Behance has been a mainstay for fifteen years, serving as the initial global showcase for many, including those of us who remember its early days. Acquired by Adobe in 2012, Behance has reinforced its status as a leading platform for specific types of visual creativity.

On Behance, creatives display their work in a portfolio format, receiving likes and comments from the community. Its clean and efficient design makes it an ideal space for presenting one’s finest work.

The strength of Behance lies in its editorial team’s curation, daily highlighting exceptional, original, and stunning work in its “features” section. Being featured exposes your work to a vast audience within the creative industry, including designers, artists, agencies, and international clients.

Behance’s search feature allows exploration of this diverse world, showcasing everything from realistic to digital illustrations, including 3D, concept art, and character design, with a preference for digital, polished work.

Illustrator Showcases

Hire an illustrator and Altpick, along with The Ispot , have been collecting illustrators’ portfolios for years, with a focus on English-speaking artists. These platforms often require a membership fee.

Personal websites and social media profiles, like that of esteemed illustrator Magoz, are increasingly becoming the primary showcases for artists’ work, complemented by newsletters and blogs.

The Role of Social Networks

Social media platforms are battlegrounds where established and aspiring illustrators alike share their creations. Instagram stands out for its portfolio-friendly interface, while Facebook offers a glimpse into the professional lives of artists. Twitter caters to those focused on current events, and Pinterest serves as an excellent tool for finding and organizing inspirational work.-

Illustrator Trade Associations

Countries around the world host illustrator associations, each with a website showcasing member work. Key organizations include the American Society of Illustrators, the UK’s Association of Illustrators (AOI), and Spain’s multiple associations, among others.

Competitions and Annuals

The illustration field is highly competitive, with numerous awards and annuals offering opportunities for recognition. Notable among these are the Society of Illustrators’ annual awards, the AOI’s World of Illustration Award, and various others catering to the American market and children’s illustration.

Illustration by Rina Allek, “Anatomy fun facts book,” among the awardees for the World of Illustration Award 2020

Illustration Websites and Blogs

Websites and blogs dedicated to illustration offer invaluable resources, from professional advice to showcasing current talents. Sites like Illustrators’ Lounge, Red Lemon’s Club, and Business of Illustration provide insights for professionals, while others focus on highlighting the work of unique and original illustrators.

Creative Portals

Besides Behance and illustrator-specific sites, platforms like Deviant Art, Dribble, and Krop connect creative professionals with market demands, offering a wide range of talents across various creative fields.

This exploration through the world of illustration reveals a vast and diverse landscape, urging us to continually enrich our visual culture and discover the boundless creativity of illustrators worldwide.