The Top Online Sales Platforms

The Top Online Sales Platforms

Redaktionen Redaktionen Published on 4/19/2024

Increasingly, businesses, shops, and small artisans are venturing into the realm of online sales, turning to e-commerce to reach their customer base. However, one critical decision they face is choosing the right online sales platforms. Which ones rank as the best?

Well-known giants like Amazon and eBay are recognized for their reliability. Platforms such as Etsy, Vinted, or Ruby Lane cater to more specific demographics, attracting younger, or perhaps more affluent customers. Classified ad sites like Facebook Marketplace or also offer unique selling advantages, while services like Shopify simplify the creation of a sales website.

This article aims to sift through various online sales platforms, presenting a carefully considered list of the top options. We’ll explore their costs, the types of sales they best support, their global reach, and operational details, providing insights into their features and distinctions to aid in selecting one or several for multi-channel sales.

Amazon: The Giant of Online Sales

Amazon is globally recognized as a leading online sales site.

Shipping over 1.5 million packages daily, surveys indicate that nearly all users view Amazon as a trustworthy and secure platform.

Initially launched in 1994 by Jeff Bezos as a book-selling site, Amazon has evolved into a diverse marketplace. It brings together a wide range of products from various sellers, with electronics being a particularly popular category.

A smartphone with one of the best online sales sites, Amazon
A smartphone with one of the best online sales sites, Amazon

On Amazon, occasional sales of both new and used products are common, but it’s especially conducive to developing robust business e-commerce. A professional subscription (€39 plus VAT per month) allows for selling unlimited units. Besides the fixed cost, Amazon charges a sales commission between 8% to 15%, varying by product category.

Other costs depend on shipping methods. Sellers can choose to manage shipping themselves (FBM program) or let Amazon handle storage and shipping (FBA or Amazon Logistics program).


  • Renowned for reliability
  • Offers Amazon logistics for storage and shipping

eBay: The Versatile Sales Platform

Established in 1995 and debuting in Italy in 2001, eBay has amassed over 183 million users. Originally an auction platform, it now facilitates sales of almost any item, new or used, in both auction and fixed-price formats. This versatility makes it suitable for both casual and business-oriented online sales.

Sellers incur costs for ad placements (beyond the first 150 free monthly placements) and a 10% commission on sales, with some exceptions. For those considering a full-fledged online store on eBay, subscription packages (Basic, Premium, and Premium Plus) offer lower listing costs and other benefits, such as a customized area for collections.


  • A broad user base of over 183 million
  • Customizable seller areas

Etsy: The Crafters’ and Designers’ Marketplace

Etsy, launched in 2005 in the U.S., caters mainly to handcrafted and vintage items. It has gained significant traction in Italy and globally.

Etsy is ideal for selling handmade or designer products like jewelry, clothing, home decor, toys, art, bags, and vintage items (at least 20 years old). It suits both casual sellers and those aiming to establish a full-fledged online craft or art store.

A screenshot of one of the best online selling sites for crafts, Etsy
A screenshot of one of the best online selling sites for crafts, Etsy

There are no fixed costs for setting up an Etsy store, but sellers pay a listing fee (€0.17) and a 5% commission on sales. The platform offers tools for page customization to develop your brand.

Interesting fact: Etsy’s name was inspired by a Federico Fellini film.


  • Target audience appreciates crafts, vintage, and handmade items
  • Known for lower sales commissions

Bonanza: A Niche Platform with Lower Commissions

Bonanza is operational in select countries, including the U.S., Canada, UK, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Australia, Brazil, and India. It’s primarily known in the U.S. but is rapidly expanding. A more niche platform compared to Amazon and eBay, Bonanza is known for its store customization (called a “stand”), absence of fixed fees, and lower sales commissions.

Bonanza supports various product categories, with a focus on crafts, design, jewelry, cosmetics, and toys. Suitable for both casual sales and more structured e-commerce ventures, it has no catalog creation or monthly store commissions, but sales commissions are lower than average (around 3.5 percent). However, support and documentation in Italian are limited.


  • Store customization options
  • No fixed costs and low commission rates

Ruby Lane: A Collector’s Haven

Since 1998, Ruby Lane has been a premier destination for antiques and vintage items. Named after the founder’s mother, Ruby, it specializes in antiques, collectibles, art, and jewelry.

While more niche compared to Etsy or eBay, Ruby Lane attracts an affluent and collector-oriented audience, particularly in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia.

The screenshot of Ruby Lane, one of the sites for selling vintage and antiques online
The screenshot of Ruby Lane, one of the sites for selling vintage and antiques online

The platform’s fee structure favors those looking to develop an online store rather than casual sellers, especially in antiques and valu

ables. Ruby Lane requires a $25 monthly flat fee, refundable with over 15 monthly listings. Sales incur a 9.9% commission, capped at $250.


  • Attracts affluent buyers and collectors
  • Ideal for structured sellers with free listings

Chairish: A Curated Platform for Furniture and Design

Chairish is an online marketplace for furniture, art, and design items, both new (handcrafted or artistic) and vintage or antique. It’s a meticulously curated platform with strict acceptance criteria and almost 4 million users, primarily professionals in furniture and interior design.

Posting on Chairish is free, but items must be valued at a minimum of $25. Sales commissions are high, between 20-30%, based on seller type. Digital stores on Chairish can be customized, and businesses can opt for additional services and subscriptions.


  • A curated and strictly regulated sales site
  • High reliability perception

Shopify: The E-commerce Infrastructure
Shopify provides the infrastructure to create online sales sites. Unlike marketplaces like Amazon or eBay that group products under a single brand, Shopify offers tools to build an independent online store, handling domains, hosting, and website creation.

The screenshot of Shopify, one of the sites for selling online
The screenshot of Shopify, one of the sites for selling online

It’s ideal for those looking to establish a serious e-commerce business, less so for casual sellers. Shopify offers over 70 design themes, virtual shopping carts, content customization, mobile optimization, and expert advice. It also enables physical store owners to unify sales channels.

Shopify’s fees start at €27 per month for the basic version.


  • High customization for your online store
  • Savings compared to building a sales site from scratch

Facebook Marketplace

Launched in 2016, Facebook Marketplace enables occasional (mostly used) item sales and allows businesses to activate online stores (Marketplace for Business). It’s free and taps into Facebook’s vast user base (nearly three billion).

Items can belong to any category and are linked to personal profiles or business pages. Facebook Shops allow for a unified selling experience across Facebook, Instagram, and Marketplace.


  • Access to a massive audience
  • Free and integrates with Facebook and Instagram

Craigslist: The City-based Open Source Classifieds
Popular in North America and Australia, Craigslist is renowned for occasional second-hand sales. Created in 1995 by Craig Newmark, it categorizes listings primarily by city, facilitating in-person transactions.

Craigslist supports sales of virtually any item type.


  • Ideal for occasional sales
  • Wide variety of item categories
  • City-based and proximity-focused

Vinted: Fashion and Accessories Online
Vinted, with 45 million users across 13 countries, specializes in new or used clothing and accessories. It’s free for sellers, charging buyers a commission.

Additional services are available for ad prominence.

Vinted suits both casual sellers and those looking to establish an online sales channel, especially in the fashion sector targeting young customers.


  • Free for sellers
  • Young and growing user base Italian Classifieds for Casual and Business Sellers

Originally an Italian classifieds site, now serves as a comprehensive online sales platform. With 11 million monthly users, it’s uniquely Italian-focused.

Casual ad postings are free, with paid visibility options. Businesses can activate subscriptions for online stores, though access currently requires contact and VAT number submission.


  • Italian market-focused
  • Supports a wide range of items
  • Customization options for businesses

E-commerce Essentials: Must-Have Packaging Products

Professional or casual online selling requires essential packaging products. This includes official packaging, adhesive labels, explanatory cards, thank you cards, gift cards, promo codes, outer protective packaging, and closing tape.

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Happy online selling!