Crafting Your Own Wedding Invitations: How to Begin?

Crafting Your Own Wedding Invitations: How to Begin?

Redaktionen Redaktionen Published on 4/22/2024

Today’s topic is crafting your own wedding invitations, and we’re here to tackle every question that might be swirling in your mind as you navigate the often tricky world of invitation design. Questions such as:

  • What can make my wedding invitations stand out to my guests?
  • How can I create budget-friendly DIY wedding invitations?
  • Which type of paper is best for printing my invitations?
  • What information needs to be included in a wedding invitation?
  • When and how should invitations be distributed?

Below, you’ll find some answers and examples of truly unique DIY wedding invitations for inspiration.

DIY Wedding Invitations: The Essence of Creativity in Wedding Invitations

Chances are, you’ve received numerous wedding invitations in the past, but how many have truly made a lasting impression? Few, perhaps. This is often because invitations can be somewhat overlooked in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, leading to a lack of distinctive flair. To ensure your invitations are memorable, focus on the overarching theme of your celebration, the atmosphere you wish to create, the venue, and the decor. Once you’ve visualized these aspects, your invitations should reflect them. Adding a personal touch is also key.

Here, we present examples of what we mean by “unique wedding invitations.”

Planning a beachside wedding? Observe how you can personalize invitations down to the tiniest detail to convey the vastness of the sea to your guests.

Image from Pinterest. Link:

If you envision your wedding as a grand, casual celebration, you can impart this vibe to your guests with invitations that are both playful and amusing.

Image from Pinterest. 
Image from Pinterest:

For those who love to travel, a passport- or airline-ticket-themed invitation can herald the grand journey you’re about to embark on as a couple.

Image from Pinterest:
Image from Pinterest:

Opting for a villa nestled in nature for your reception? Fond of gardening? Consider invitations with botanical themes, mirroring your favorite plants or the floral arrangements for your wedding. If you’re artistically inclined, hand-painting a flower on each card is a lovely gesture. Alternatively, attaching a dried flower offers a charming touch. Here are some pastoral inspirations.

Image from Pinterest:
Image from Pinterest:

For movie buffs or those dreaming of a wedding that mirrors a cinematic experience, why not transform your invitation into a vintage movie ticket? The feature presentation? Your love story, of course!

Image from Pinterest:

Creating DIY Wedding Invitations: Selecting the Right Tools

Crafting unique wedding invitations is all about infusing them with creativity and a sense of personal identity. But what tools should you use? At this juncture, you’re faced with a choice: the hands-on approach of DIY or the precision of digital design?

  • The manual route offers a touch of warmth, ideal for those with a knack for craft. However, it might be less feasible for those with extensive guest lists, given the time constraints of wedding planning.
  • Digital design, on the other hand, is suited for creating more formal invitations or for those aiming for a visually striking result. It’s also a time and cost-efficient option.

For those leaning towards digital creation, here are a couple of platforms to consider for designing your wedding invitations online:

  • Canva offers a dedicated section for wedding invitations, featuring numerous customizable layouts.
  • Another graphic design tool akin to Canva provides a similar section with templates ready for customization.

With a few clicks, you can produce affordable, bespoke wedding invitations. You’ll then need to decide on the text, which can be handwritten for a personal touch or digitally printed. When choosing fonts, aim for legibility and a style that complements the tone of your wedding. Remember these tips for font pairing:

  • Limit yourself to two different fonts.
  • Consider combining a sans serif with a serif font.
  • Stick to fonts within the same family for a cohesive look.

If selecting fonts seems daunting, tools like Fontjoy can assist.

But what exactly should your invitations say?

What to Include in Your Wedding Invitations

Ensure your invitations serve their primary function by including crucial details such as the date, time, and location of both the ceremony and reception. Adding maps or directions, along with RSVP instructions, is also helpful.

For guests only attending the ceremony, consider separate invitations to avoid confusion. Adding a personal handwritten message can also add a thoughtful touch. For help in crafting the right words, simplicity and sincerity are your best guides.

Before finalizing your invitations, have them reviewed by friends or family for any errors.

Choosing Between Paper and Digital Invitations

While digital invitations offer convenience, there’s something timeless about traditional paper invitations. When selecting paper, consider both the weight and type:

  • For a classic look, opt for specialty papers like pearl or watercolor paper.
  • Eco-conscious couples might prefer recycled paper to align with a sustainability theme.
  • For something truly unique, plantable paper can leave a lasting impression on your guests.

We’re here to help with the printing process and can advise on the best paper choice for your invitations.

Timing and Distribution of DIY Wedding Invitations

While wedding traditions offer guidance, feel free to adapt them to suit your style, especially regarding how and when to send invitations. Traditional methods include mailing or hand-delivering paper invitations, with digital options reserved for distant guests.

Generally, invitations should be sent two months in advance, with earlier notifications for international guests to allow for travel arrangements.

Following up with a thank-you note post-wedding is a gracious touch, opening another chapter in your wedding planning journey.