Text and Background Designs for Instagram Stories

Text and Background Designs for Instagram Stories

Sarah Cantavalle Published on 4/19/2024

Using Backgrounds and Text to Craft Captivating Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have become an essential feature for users of this social media platform, enabling the sharing of real-time photos and videos that offer glimpses into daily life. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, reports that over 500 million accounts engage with Instagram Stories daily. This functionality is not just popular among individual users but also presents a significant opportunity for businesses and professionals to market their products or services and engage with their audience. A Buffer survey indicated that one in three users developed more interest in a product after seeing it featured in a company’s Story.
For success on this highly visual social media platform, it’s vital to create visually appealing content using the tools available on Instagram and through external applications. This article will explore techniques for utilizing lettering and backgrounds to craft unique, engaging, and visually appealing Stories to boost follower interaction.

1.Embellishing with Lettering

Arrange single letters or words creatively within your image or video to add dynamism to your Story or highlight a specific aspect. Simply enter the letters individually using the text editor in the app (indicated by the “Aa” icon at the top of the screen) and position them within the image.

Decorazioni con scritte Instagram
Example of dynamic lettering on a photo. Copyright: @stephanie_rego on Instagram

2.Incorporating Animated Text

Instagram allows the addition of animated text in Stories. After selecting your photo or video, open the text editor and click on the icon with two dashed lines forming an A. Choose your preferred font from the options at the bottom and start adding your animated text.

3.Utilizing Handwritten Text

Instagram’s “Draw” feature, accessible in the top right of the Story editor, lets you add handwritten words to your content for a unique and personal touch.

4.Mixing or Layering Fonts

Beyond the default fonts on Instagram, third-party apps offer a variety of typefaces for your Stories. A simple yet effective technique is layering identical texts to create a shadow effect.

Overlapping texts
Shadow effect created by overlapping texts. Copyright: Anastasia Sawall

5.Creating Multicolored Lettering

Rainbow-colored lettering can add a vibrant touch to your Stories. Write each letter separately using the text editor, choosing a different color for each. For a cohesive look, match the color palette with your photo’s tones.

6.Adding Textual Backgrounds

Textual backgrounds help emphasize specific messages in your Stories. Type a sentence using the text editor, then copy and paste it multiple times to fill the background, adjusting the placement as needed.

7.Designing Photo Collages

The Layout feature allows you to make customized photo collages for your Stories. In the Story editor, select “Camera,” then browse through the Layout mode options. Choose a template and either take photos or upload existing images.

Photo collage
Photo collage used in Stories. Copyright @ellaykew on Pinterest

8.Using Partially Erased Photos

The Eraser tool can create suspense in your Stories, such as for new product launches. Upload a photo, cover it with a color using the “Draw” tool, and then use the eraser to reveal parts of the image.

9.Implementing Semi-Transparent Backgrounds

Semi-transparent images can highlight text in your Stories. After uploading the image, select a white color from the “Draw” tool, apply it to the image until it becomes semi-transparent, then add text as desired.

Semi-transparent background
An example of a semi-transparent background. Copyright: SARA KAY @beingsarakay

10.Adding Graphic Elements

Enhance your Stories with static or dynamic graphics using Instagram’s “Draw” tool and available GIFs.

Graphic elements
Example with graphic elements emphasizing the photo subject. Copyright: @soldomingueez on Instagram

11.Applying Filters and Visual Effects

Instagram offers a vast array of filters and effects for personalizing photos and videos. Access these by entering Story mode and exploring the effects and filters beside the capture button. Additionally, explore user-created effects in the “Browse Effects” section.

Example of Boomerang video with SlowMo, Duo, and Echo effects.

12. Utilizing External Apps and Websites

Several third-party apps and websites can help create texts and backgrounds for Instagram Stories. Notable ones include Unfold for professional-looking Stories, Mojo for animated videos, Canva for easy photo and video editing, and Inshot for movie adaptations to Instagram’s format.

This is just a sampling of the tools available for creating Instagram Stories. For effective social media marketing, it’s crucial to plan Stories in advance, offering diverse and engaging content to maintain high audience engagement.