Fully customisable 5.5 x 15 cm and 5.5 x 21 cm bookmarks, available in a range of heavy papers. Perfect as a free gift to give to customers with books or other purchases.

  • This product is FSC® certified

Personalised Bookmarks: Print Them with Your Own Graphics

Are you looking for a convenient and lightweight tool to leave a beautiful memory of your company with your customers? The personalised bookmark is an original and affordable gadget that you can use as a gift for your customers and collaborators. Placed between the pages of their favorite books or agendas, it will serve as an additional reason for them to remember your business. They can also be used as business cards; surprise your customers by providing your contact information in a new and surprising way. Keep the bookmarks near the checkout counter in your store or inside your exhibition stands to easily provide your contact details to all interested parties.

With Pixartprinting, you have the possibility to print custom bookmarks in high definition at truly competitive prices. You get to decide their appearance, made unique by an original graphic created specifically for you or using colors that belong to your brand image. Take advantage of the advantageous price-quality ratio now and offer your customers an accessory that is always useful and appreciated!

Print Personalised Bookmarks Suitable for You

Do you prefer vibrant and unpredictable communication or a more formal and linear approach? With Pixartprinting's wide range of customisation options, you can create personalised bookmarks online, perfect for promoting your business. In just a few clicks, you can select the product characteristics that suit you best.

Our bookmarks are printed in 5.5 x 21 cm or 5.5 x 15 cm formats with a vertical orientation. Choose the most suitable material for printing your design, keeping in mind that each type of support has specific qualities and a unique way of receiving ink. We offer 8 different types of paper:

  • Matte Coated - Classic Demimatt: Matte paper with a satin surface and high whiteness. A classic solution of great reliability.
  • Glossy Coated - Classic Gloss: Characterized by a bright white and a satin finish, ideal for obtaining vivid and realistic colors.
  • Extraprint - Splendorgel Extra White: Natural paper with a smooth and velvety surface, allowing for highly faithful printing and high definition.
  • Stucco Watercolor - Rembrandt: Elegant and prestigious paper with a laid finish on both sides (it is characterized by a surface crossed by fine raised lines). Suitable for valuable prints, it creates an effect similar to that of a painting canvas.
  • Gypsum Tintoretto - Turner: Felt-marked paper on both sides, giving it an "orange peel" effect. Recommended for producing high-quality prints such as valuable documents, certificates, etc.
  • Underwood - Woodstock Birch: A paper support with a "rustic" appearance, characterized by the presence of surface irregularities such as dots and specks. Used for promotional material with a "vintage" or "handmade" style.
  • Ice White - Constellation Bigoffrata Snow: A paper with a very high whiteness, embossed on both sides (the surface is crossed by a particular embossed pattern). An elegant and precious material, perfect for a high-class communication.
  • Recycled Paper: Produced exclusively using fibers obtained from recycled materials, it represents an eco-friendly and sustainable solution.

If you are still unsure about the most suitable material, don't worry. We provide you with our paper sample pack, which allows you to touch all the paper supports we use for printing small-format products. Order it now to select the perfect paper type for your new personalised bookmarks!

Personalised Bookmarks, The Perfect Gift!

If you own a store, you know how important it is to maintain excellent relationships with your customers. So why not make a small gift to your customers by giving them a personalised bookmark? Maybe during the holiday season.

Personalised bookmarks can be a simple yet beautiful idea for giving an affordable yet meaningful gift to your customers. If your store is a bookstore, then the personalised bookmark is the perfect gift, but it can also be a nice thought for any other type of store. Personalise it with your store's logo and include the bookmark inside your customers' next order, or hand them out to each customer who passes through the checkout counter, as you prefer! One thing is certain, your customers will be happy with this small gesture.

Personalised bookmarks can also be an excellent giveaway at fairs and specific events, inexpensive yet useful.

On the personalised bookmark, you can print whatever you want, including a message for your customers.

Print Your Bookmarks Online: Free Quote and Fast Shipping

Customising bookmarks is very simple. Download the template from the product page and follow all the instructions to correctly set up your file. This way, the image will perfectly adapt to the print support, and you will get the best possible result. Then select the customisation options that suit you to see the real-time price of the product, thanks to the convenient free online quote. Remember to order in advance to take advantage of lower prices! Once the purchase is complete, you will receive the personalised bookmarks directly in your office, through fast and punctual shipping. Rely on our customer assistance services in case of any difficulties or unexpected events. They are at your complete disposal.

Our Tips for Printing the Perfect Bookmark

Pixartprinting is the ideal partner for the printing of personalised bookmarks in line with your company's coordinated image. We give shape to your ideas through our printing technologies, but we can also give you some useful advice for creating effective promotional bookmarks.

Here are some tips for creating a customised personalised bookmark gadget:

  1. Print a meaningful image on one side and your promotional message on the other. This way, the customers or collaborators to whom you will give the bookmark will have a pleasant tool, capable of reminding them of your business. You can choose a particularly meaningful quote from a famous author, a fragment of a work you love, or if you wish, an original message written by you... Unleash your creativity!
  2. Choose an original type of Paper to make your personalised bookmarks unique.

Personalised Bookmarks and Other Original Ideas for Your Promotional Items

On our website, you will discover many original ideas for creating personalised advertising items that are useful for your customers. Personalised bookmarks are just one of the many products you can print with Pixartprinting. You can combine them with our notebooks, always highly appreciated and used to jot down appointments, or with customisable pens.

Take a look at our new bookmark calendars, perfect for keeping track of appointments for the following day.