Square Business Cards

Square business cards are perfect for those seeking a less conventional way to introduce themselves. Printed on standard, special or laminated paper, they allow you to give clients and contacts a small and original reminder of you and your business. Ideal for promoting creative events or companies.

Square Business Cards, Ideal for Creative Use

Square business cards are a minimal and original communication tool. They can be used for promoting venues and events, thanks to their unique and trendy appearance. What surprises is their simplicity, which translates into a surprisingly elegant product.

With Pixartprinting, you can easily customize your square business cards with just a few clicks, to order and receive them directly in your establishment or office. We are the European leaders in Web to Print and provide you with everything you need to shape your communication. Print your business cards with us and give substance to your ideas with the best quality-price ratio!

Square and Customized Business Cards

Square business cards are produced in the 5.5x5.5 cm format. You have the option to choose the type of paper you prefer, among 17 different materials:

  • Square business cards on standard paper:
    • Classic Demimatt - Matte Coated 350 gsm: Wood-free with good durability. It has a matte surface.
    • Classic Gloss - Glossy Coated 350 gsm: Wood-free with good durability. It has a glossy surface.
  • Square business cards on premium paper:
    • Thick Paper - 400 gsm: Cardboard with a coated surface, rigid but sufficiently elastic.
    • Mohawk - Superfine Felt Soft White 324 gsm: Felt-marked paper on both sides in ivory color.
    • Pearl Paper - 300 gsm: Pure cellulose paper with a pearly white surface.
    • Extraprint Paper - 300 gsm: Premium natural paper with high whiteness.
    • Rembrandt Paper - 300 gsm: Laid paper on both sides (thin lines cross its surface) for elegant prints.
    • Recycled Paper - 300 gsm: Produced 100% from recycled fibers.
    • Turner Paper - 300 gsm: Felt-marked paper on both sides, giving a unique "orange peel" effect.
    • Ice White Paper - 280 gsm: Natural embossed paper on both sides, in white color.
    • Underwood Paper - 260 gsm: Ivory-colored paper, with surface irregularities like dots and straw, giving a sense of craftsmanship.
  • Square business cards on laminated paper:
    • Matte Laminated Paper - 350 gsm: Laminated paper with a matte surface.
    • Glossy Laminated Paper - 350 gsm: Laminated paper with a glossy surface.
    • Soft Touch Laminated Paper - 350 gsm: Laminated paper that gives a pleasant touch sensation.

Undecided? You can order our paper sample pack, inside which you can compare and feel all the available materials.

Customize and Order Your Square Business Cards Online

You can easily order your square business cards online with great ease. Just a few clicks within this page:

  1. Select the customization options.
  2. Download the template and follow the instructions to properly set up the file containing your graphics.
  3. Submit your order and upload the file to complete the purchase.

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive the product in your office or establishment, with fast and punctual deliveries. Remember, our customer service is at your disposal and always ready to help in case of any difficulties or unforeseen events.

Your Square Business Cards Graphics

Having trouble with setting up your print file? Prefer a more convenient solution? No problem. Within our website, you also have the option to use Designer, our convenient free online editor, to create your graphics in just a few clicks. You can also request our support during the design of your square business card through Design Services. One of our professional graphic designers can modify your graphics or create a new proposal based on your instructions.

Square Business Cards: Models and Templates

For printing your new business cards, you can also choose one of our templates. We offer many models, all customizable with our online editor: you can replace the image, add or remove elements, change colors... Select "Discover the models" and view the gallery to find your favorite! Today, creating square business cards with Pixartprinting is even easier.

What to Write on a Business Card?

The business card will represent your first contact with potential customers, who can then use it to retrieve all the essential information about your business. What information should you include in your new square business card? Here are the essentials:

  • Name and surname.
  • Company, profession (it must be clear what you do).
  • Logo and slogan.
  • Contact information and online references: address, phone number, website, email address, social media pages, etc.

You can also print a QR code on your business card, with a link to your website, to save space and avoid filling your card with text.

The Dimensions of a Square Business Card

Square business cards are printed in the 5.5x5.5 cm format. These are the ideal dimensions to have a business card that can be comfortably kept in your pocket, wallet, or in a practical cardholder.

What other formats exist? The classic format of a rectangular business card measures 8.5x5.5 cm. Formats like 9x5 cm and 8.5x5 cm are also widely used. There are also other formats for original and creative business cards.

Creative and Sustainable Business Cards

With Pixartprinting, you can print high-quality square business cards without forgetting the importance of sustainability. Our products are indeed FSC® certified: they are printed with materials from forests protected by strict environmental, social, and economic standards.

You also have the possibility to further underline the green soul of your brand by printing square business cards on recycled paper, produced with 100% recycled fibers.

Square or Traditional Business Cards? Choose Your Favorite

On our website, you can discover a wide range of business cards and many other products for promoting your business. Many formats, materials, and types of paper are available, with the possibility to add valuable finishes as in the case of raised spot UV business cards. We also recommend taking a look at our classic paper business cards, transparent PVC business cards, and folded business cards.

Trust Pixartprinting! Quality is our best business card.