Business Card Boxes

Keep your business cards together in a handy customised box, which holds between 50 and 75 cards depending on the paper weight and type. Lamination and various finishes available.

Compact, Practical, and Elegant: Customized Business Card Boxes

After printing your business cards, you need a container to carry them with you at all times. With Pixartprinting's custom business card boxes, you'll always have your contacts within reach. You can carry your business cards in a compact space (9.5x3x6 cm) and make the customized boxes unique by leveraging personalization.

What is the purpose of a business card box?

A business card box is a small box used to securely transport your business cards. Business card boxes allow you to easily carry your cards during your trips or business travels and keep them safe in your suitcase, car, or bag without the risk of damaging them.

It's a simple but essential item for everyone who wants to keep their business cards with them at all times. The business card box allows you to carry your cards with style and class, serving as an excellent accessory to present yourself professionally to potential clients. The card holders can contain all the cards you need while remaining lightweight and pocket-sized.

Remember that clients use all the information at their disposal to evaluate the person they're dealing with and the services or products offered. There's nothing worse than handing them a crumpled and damaged card because it was kept in a wallet or pocket.

Don't worry; it won't happen anymore if you get used to keeping your business cards inside your new Business Card Box.

Print the Perfect Business Card Boxes for You

Firstly, you can decide whether or not to laminate the outside of the custom boxes; if you choose to do so, you can opt for either glossy or matte lamination.

You also have even more options for enhancement - which you can, in any case, choose not to apply to your business card boxes. You can choose from three different possibilities. 3D varnish, transparent and with a high thickness, is used to enhance the graphic areas you indicate and make them stand out with a tactile raised effect. Tactile varnish, on the other hand, highlights your graphic areas with a glossy effect. Finally, selective lamination (available in gold and silver) is done by thermally adhering foil to your graphic areas, embellishing them and making them stand out.

Products to Pair with Business Card Boxes

To keep your business cards organized, our dispensers can also be helpful.