Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are customised files that help you sort out your documents and keep your office shipshape. With various sizes available, they are ideal for holding your papers, introducing yourself at meetings or handing out information at events or trade fairs in professional branded folders.

Organize Your Documents with Custom Printed Presentation Folders

Communicating a professional, clear, and reliable corporate image to your clients is crucial. That's why using original and high-quality custom printed presentation folders is of strategic importance. Business card folders and presentation folders in A4 or A5 size have become essential work tools.

Imagine being able to deliver your promotional materials, such as leaflets and flyers, inside a folder that aligns with your corporate identity. This could make a real difference and enhance your brand's reputation during fairs and industry events. Furthermore, you'll provide potential clients with a useful tool that reminds them of your business.

Print Custom Presentation Folders with Flaps at Pixartprinting

Our flap folders are designed to be practical and functional. You can choose from 7 different sizes to accommodate documents in A4 or A5 format.

The folders are made of thick cardstock, which you can customize with your brand's colors and tailored graphics. You can also apply surface laminating to ensure greater durability and a highly professional appearance:

  • Glossy external lamination
  • Matte external lamination
  • Soft Touch external lamination

Add embellishments to your cover to highlight specific details in your printed graphics. Your clients will have in their hands a finely crafted object and will be amazed by the special raised details.

In each of the proposed models, the bottom flap of the folder contains a space for inserting small documents or a business card.

Flapless Custom Folders: Simplicity and Style at Your Fingertips!

In addition to the classic flap folders and business card holders, we also offer flapless customizable folders. They are available in A4 or A5 format and are made of thick cardstock. They can be printed on both front and back sides and protected with lamination. Moreover, you have the option to add an elegant touch to your graphics with gold or silver lamination, or by adding selective varnish for a pleasant raised effect.

Flapless folders represent an ideal solution for professionals who appreciate simplicity and style. Discover them!

Discover the New Three-Panel Custom Presentation Folders

The customizable three-panel folders are printed on thick cardstock in A4 format. You can choose the thickness of the folder's spine and print your graphics on both front and back sides. In this case as well, you can enhance the product's surface with lamination and embellishments. Choose lamination to make certain details of the image shine, or select selective varnish for a special raised effect.

Quoting, Ordering, and Shipping: Printing Your Custom Presentation Folders Made Easy and Affordable

To obtain a free online quote, complete the product configuration and decide on every detail of your project. Then proceed with the order, conveniently within our website with just a few clicks, to take advantage of fast and punctual shipping. You will receive your custom presentation folders directly at your office, without taking away precious time from your daily work activities.

What are you waiting for? Order your presentation folders in line with your corporate identity now!

Pixartprinting: The Best Quality for Printing Your Folders

Only a reliable partner with proven expertise can guide you in choosing the best products that suit your professional needs. With over 10 years of experience in high-quality online printing, Pixartprinting is your ideal ally.

We understand the importance and value of communication. Convey the values and qualities associated with your brand to your clients. They will remember you and reward you as soon as they have the opportunity.

Custom Printed Folders with Front and Back Printing

Now with Pixartprinting, you have the ability to print your graphics on the entire surface of the folder. Print your images on the front and back sides for fully customized folders that can capture the attention of colleagues and clients.

Choose the option for front and back printing and unleash your creativity!

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Presentation Folders

  • What models of folders can I choose from? You can choose from different folder models: folders with flaps (2-panel folders), flapless folders (2-panel folders without flaps), and three-panel folders. The folders are available in A4 or A5 format and are fully customizable with your graphics.
  • What customization options are available for the folders? The folders are completely customizable: size, spine, internal and external printing, lamination, and embellishments. On the product page, you can choose the options that best suit your needs and align with your corporate identity.
  • How can I order my new custom folders? Once you have completed the configuration on the product page, download the template with instructions from our graphic designers. They will help you correctly set up your print file. Place your order and upload your file. You will receive your new custom folders directly at your office or home.
  • What advantages does Pixartprinting offer for printing custom folders? At Pixartprinting, we use the latest printing technologies and carefully select materials to create high-quality products. Our printing service is tailored to meet the needs of professionals and businesses. You can easily and quickly order your custom folders. In case of doubts or inquiries, you can always rely on our customer support services.