Flap Folders

Customised presentation folders help you sort out your documents and keep your office shipshape, with files tailor-made for your needs. There are two different sizes available, ideal for holding your papers, introducing yourself at meetings or handing out information at events or trade fairs in professional branded folders.

  • A4 or A5
  • Lamination available
  • Optional finishes

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Paperboard Presentation Folders: Get Them Customized and Printed in High Definition

If you're looking for a tool to present and protect your projects, look no further than Paperboard Presentation Folders. These folders are made from Ultra-thick coated paper and are fully customizable and printed in high definition. With these features, you can create folders that perfectly represent your brand and present your documents in a professional and elegant manner.

Choose from our various formats to find the one that best suits your needs:

  • A4 Paperboard Presentation Folders with two flaps and a 0.5 cm spine
  • A4 Paperboard Presentation Folders with a card holder and a 0.5 cm or 1 cm spine
  • A4 Paperboard Presentation Folders with three flaps and a 0.5 cm spine
  • A5 Paperboard Presentation Folders with a card holder and a 0.5 cm spine

Once you've chosen your format, you can select your preferred configuration options to create your own customized portfolios. You can choose from front and back printing or front-only printing, as well as lamination and special finishes.

Laminated Paperboard Presentation Folders with a Special Finish

For extra protection against scratches, we recommend gloss, matt or soft touch lamination. Soft touch lamination, in particular, adds a special feel and finish to the folder. Not only are laminated Presentation Folders stylish, they are also durable.

A special finish can add a unique metallic or raised effect to certain parts of your image. The gold or silver foil will make your chosen details shine, while the selective varnish will highlight them with a special 3D effect. Discover how to enhance your images and create unique Paperboard Presentation Folders!

Order Your Presentation Folders Online and Have Them Delivered to Your Office

Order your new Paperboard Presentation Folders quickly and easily with Pixartprinting. Select your preferred configuration options and download the useful template from this page to set up your print file correctly. This ensures high-quality Presentation Folders printed with the latest technology. Your order will be delivered directly to your office or home with our fast and reliable shipping service. Don't forget our Customer Support teams are available to help with any questions or specific requests.