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Swing Tags Printing – for retail, gifts or cards

Label Printing –Cardboard or Vinyl Tags

Due to the nature of the product, large retailers, small shops and market re-sellers can create their perfect swing tags. Label printing is 100% personalisable to compliment your key product. Swing Tags may be printed on 250gsm cardboard or PVC cards, depending on the effect you’d like to created, and is custom printed on both sides.

Swing Tag Cardboard Printing

Swing Tags Label Printing is equally fitting for small or bulk orders, as there is no applicable minimum order. Orders for cardboard Swing tags may start from 10 piece going onto large bulk orders, all with the free delivery included in the price.

Printing is available on both sides with an additional option of gloss or matt finish as per your choice. Swing tags are cut to shape, as long as uploaded dimensions are grater than 5x5cm. Otherwise, Swing tags will be delivered on 30x42cm sheets.

Vinyl Swing Tags Printing

Vinyl Swing Tags Printing orders start from 100 pieces going onto large bulk orders. PVC swing tags are available in a standard 8,5x5,4cm size, in 0,5mm or 0,76mm thick PVC. Due to the nature of the material, and special printing effects in gold, silver and pearlesque, vinyl swing tags may be used for a more upmarket branding or as ID cards.

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