Bottle Neck Tags

If the sticky label just isn't enough, you can give your products a voice using bottle neck tags – use them either to provide useful information or to add greetings to your gifts! From wine and olive oil to spirits and cosmetics, every bottle needs to be dressed up to stand out from the crowd.

  • Lamination available
  • Silver, gold or 3D finish

Print Your Bottle Neck Tags

With custom Bottle Neck Tags, you have the opportunity to decorate your products and provide customers with all the necessary information about the contents. These practical printable cardboard collars are suitable for wine and liquor bottles, oil bottles, or cosmetics bottles. They allow for a better product description when the adhesive label is not enough.

Print your logo on the Bottle Collars to make them immediately recognizable, enticing potential customers from the shelf. You can do it through this page, with just a few clicks! We offer many customization options for printing unique Tags.

Personalized Bottle Neck Tags

You can print the Bottle Neck Tags that are ideal for your product by selecting the preferred customization options:

  • Format: You have the option to choose the ideal dimensions for your personalized tags (6.5 cm x 14 cm or 6.5 x 16 cm).
  • Material: The high-thickness cardboard is particularly suitable for this type of tags. Made with bleached chemical pulp, this material maintains the whiteness obtained during processing and prevents cardboard yellowing over time.
  • Printing and Finishing Details: You can print your graphics on the front side of the tag, choosing from the 3 available finishes: matte lamination, glossy lamination, and soft touch (an exclusive matte lamination with a velvety touch effect that enhances the original colors).
  • Embellishment: To further enhance your graphics, you can apply an embellishment to the printing. The 3D varnish, a high-thickness transparent varnish applied through a digital process on selected areas of the graphics, enriches and highlights the surfaces with an exclusive tactile raised effect. Lamination, available in gold and silver, is carried out through thermo-adhesion of a foil on the selected graphic areas.

Order Your Bottle Neck Tags Online

Ordering your new Bottle Neck Tags with Pixartprinting is easy. You can do it through this page, with just a few clicks:

  1. Select the customization options you prefer.
  2. Download the Template and the Instructions from our graphic designers' page. They will help you correctly set up your print file.
  3. Place your order and upload the print file to complete the purchase.

You will receive your new Bottle Collars with fast and punctual delivery, even within 24 hours. Remember that, in case of doubts or special requests, you can rely on our Assistance team.

Graphics for Bottle Neck Tags

The Template and Instructions will help you set up your print file to achieve the best possible result. We also offer two other convenient solutions to easily create your graphics:

  • Designer: With our new free online editor, you can create graphics for your tags directly on our website. Discover it!
  • Design Service: If you need assistance, you can request the support of one of our professional graphic designers, who will either modify your graphics or create a new proposal based on your instructions.
  • When to Use Bottle Neck Tags?

    Bottle Neck Tags can be applied to the neck of your bottles to provide visibility for your logo or to provide customers with additional product information. They can also be used to communicate the product price or promote a special offer. The Bottle Collars are available in small quantities as well (starting from 25 units). This allows you to print various tags according to your specific needs.

    Tags and Other Items for Your Bottles

    With Pixartprinting, you can equip your bottles with unique and effective custom packaging. We offer a wide variety of custom boxes ideal for packaging and safely storing your bottles. In addition to collars, you can also use folded tags and adhesive labels for decoration. You have the option to choose from many materials and formats to create the perfect label for your bottles.

    We particularly recommend security seals, which can be used to guarantee the product's integrity at the time of purchase.