Door Hangers

Who wouldn't want to shut the rest of the world out once in a while? With our customisable door hangers you can do it in your own unique way. Two different formats are available: perfect for hanging your message on hotel, hostel or shop doors or for giving out bespoke tags at trade fairs or events.

  • Lamination available
  • Silver, gold or 3D finish

Custom Door Hangers

Door hangers are original door tags used to leave a message for customers or collaborators. For example, hotel guests can use them to signal their presence in the room to the hotel staff, or they can be used in offices to communicate meeting schedules to colleagues. It's a unique and versatile product that can be fully customized through our website.

Pixartprinting is your online printing company. We offer a convenient and punctual digital printing service that allows you to shape your new custom door hangers in high definition. Select your preferred customization options and place your order in just a few clicks!

Customizing Door Hangers

We provide you with a wide range of configuration options to allow you to print the perfect product: a door hanger that aligns with your corporate identity and stands the test of time.

  • Model: On this page, you will find two different models of door hangers. Rectangular door hangers have a more classic look, while curved door hangers have a modern and sophisticated shape. Both have a central hole with a diameter of 4 cm, perfect for any type of handle. They both measure 7x20 cm.
  • Material: You can choose between two different materials for printing the door hanger tags. Classic demimatt is a matte coated paper that produces defined and brilliant prints. Classic gloss, on the other hand, is a glossy coated paper, ideal for prints with bright colors and faithful details.
  • Weight: The door hangers are printed on 350-gram paper, resistant to tearing and folding.
  • Printing Instructions: You have the option to apply your graphics on the front side only or on both front and back sides of the door hanger tag. If you choose to print on both sides, you can decide whether to use a single image for both sides or two different images.
  • Lamination: We recommend laminating the surface of the door hanger to protect the print from potential scratches or other stressful situations.
  • Embellishment: Through embellishment, you can highlight certain details of an image. 3D Varnish allows you to create a pleasant visual and tactile effect on specific elements, while Gold or Silver Lamination gives certain areas of the graphics a stylish metallic effect.

Order Your Door Hangers in a Few Clicks!

Ordering custom door hangers with Pixartprinting is easy. You can do it through this page in a quick and straightforward way:

  1. Select your preferred customization options.
  2. Download the helpful Template and Instructions from our designers' page. This way, you can ensure the best possible result.
  3. Place your order and upload the print file to complete the purchase.

You will receive your new door hangers quickly and punctually, with fast delivery. Our Customer Service will be at your complete disposal in case of any difficulties during the ordering process.

Design Your New Door Hangers

Don't have a ready-to-print graphic? Do you want to create the design for your new door hangers quickly and easily? To do so, we offer you two convenient solutions:

  • Designer: Through our new free online editor, you can create your graphics from an image, text, or shapes.
  • Design Service: You can also request the support of one of our professional designers who will be able to edit your file or create a new proposal based on your instructions.

Examples of Custom Door Hangers

Door hangers are widely used in hotels or offices. For example, they help facilitate communication between hotel staff and guests, ensuring the necessary privacy for guests. They are also hung on office and meeting room doors to indicate the presence of colleagues inside.

You can print a message like "Please do not disturb" or "Occupied" on the door tags. You have the possibility to print custom door hangers that align perfectly with the corporate identity of your hotel or company. They will help you make your spaces consistent and respectful of your style.

Laminated and Embellished Door Hangers

With Pixartprinting, you can print laminated and embellished door hangers. Lamination can be applied to the front side of the door tags and can be matte or soft touch. This will protect the print of the door hangers from potential scratches or tears. Embellishment, on the other hand, allows you to highlight specific details of the graphics, such as the message on the tag or your company logo. The available embellishment options are 3D Varnish, Gold Lamination, or Silver Lamination.

Door Hangers and Other Products for Personalized Decor

At Pixartprinting, we love turning our customers' projects into reality. We strive to do it every day by carefully studying materials and choosing the best printing technologies. Door hangers are just one of the many supports we offer for customizing your spaces. In our extensive online catalog, you can find many ideas for original decor, such as wall decorations, custom floor mats, and custom wallpaper.

Don't limit your desire to communicate! Choose Pixartprinting as your printing partner.