Counter Stands

Fully customisable cardboard counter for indoor use. Modular and easy to assemble, it is suitable for all promotional events and trade fairs.

The best presentation for your events, thanks to promotional stands

Trade shows and events are excellent opportunities to introduce yourself to many new customers. However, it is essential to make a great first impression on them. We must keep in mind that the exhibition space within which we host the customer during the event represents our company; everything the customer sees or touches inside the stand is our brand.

To ensure a great first impression, you can add a personal touch to your supports to capture the attention of customers: the custom counter stands will make you stand out from the crowd.

Choose promotional stands with the most suitable material for you

You have access to three types of promotional stands, each with different materials and formats, all fully customizable:

  • Fabric pop-up counter: It measures 172x98 cm, equipped with a sturdy shelf to display your promotional material. The fabric is 100% polyester with wrinkle-resistant and fire-resistant treatment. The assembly is simple; once you have ordered the structure, you can also request only the print to be placed on your booth in the future.
  • Cardboard pop-up counter: This item is suitable for indoor use, easy to assemble, and recyclable. It comes in two sizes: 100x36x100 cm and 130x36x100 cm.
  • Counter stand with header: You can change the appearance of this item whenever you want, using the characteristics of repositionable stickers. The structure (183x85 cm) is made of plastic, the two poles are in aluminum, and the crowner (68x28 cm) is made of Forex.

The best occasions to use custom promotional stands

Promotional stands are ideal for your activities during events. By leveraging customization, you can create the best counter stands for your brand: customers will notice your booth more easily during every fair and event.

Easily transportable promotional stands

One of the significant advantages of these promotional stands is their easy portability. As you know, during the setup of fairs and events, things often need to be moved around until you find the perfect formula for managing your spaces.

The lightweight and compact size of the promotional stands, combined with their ease of assembly and disassembly, make them easily transportable desks.

Reuse your promotional stands

Another great advantage of these desks is that they are easily reusable event after event and year after year. Once you have purchased the structure for the first time, you will only need to print the cover fabric for the trade show desks to renew their appearance.

Promotional stands in a few clicks: free online templates and fast shipping

You can easily order your promotional stands on our website. Download the template from the product page and follow the instructions provided to set up your file correctly. This way, the chosen image will fit perfectly on the print support.

By selecting the customization options on the page, you will be able to view the free online quote, based on your choices. Complete the order in a few clicks to take advantage of the excellent quality-price ratio and fast and punctual shipping.

Which products to combine with our promotional stands

Trade shows and industry events are special occasions where you can come into direct contact with your customers to get to know them better. To ensure that you always stand out, we offer a wide range of items: check out our display stands and choose the most useful ones for your purpose! They are all fully customizable and printed according to your instructions.