Banner with adjustable frame

A telescopic banner that can be adjusted to suit your needs. Quick and easy to assemble and disassemble without any tools, it comes with a bag for easy transportation.

  • Standard or custom sizes
  • Three different materials
  • Carry bag included

Banners with Adjustable Frame

The Banner with Adjustable Frame can be used during promotional events, exhibitions, trade shows, and sports events. It features an adaptable structure to meet your space requirements and an interchangeable high-definition printed banner.

You can choose from numerous models of different sizes and have the option to select the printing material for the image. Download the useful template from the page to set up your print file, following our designers' instructions. This way, you can ensure your Telescopic Banner will attract the attention of passersby.

Once you place your order, you will receive the Telescopic Banner directly at your office (or home) with fast and punctual delivery.

Adjustable Telescopic Banner: Materials for Your Print

You can print your promotional image on a Banner that can be easily replaced for your next event. Choose the material you prefer for your print:

  • Fabric with opaque backing: Polyester support with a tight weave and opaque backing that blocks the passage of light while allowing full visibility of the image.
  • 100% Polyester Fabric: Wrinkle-resistant polyester support, waterproof, and dirt-resistant.
  • Extreme classic 500g: Long-lasting vinyl support, also ideal for outdoor environments. Economical yet printable in high definition.

Adjustable Telescopic Banner: Available Formats

You can choose from numerous predefined formats for creating your new Display Stand, or you can select the "Custom Format" option to enter your preferred dimensions. The frame is adjustable, allowing you to adapt the product to your specific space requirements.