POP-UP Banner

Our pop-up banner, with its lightweight yet durable aluminium frame, is easy to assemble in a few simple steps, so you can take your message with you to any indoor or outdoor event. Put it up and pack it away in just a few minutes, and use it for shop openings, sales, conferences, festivals or trade fairs

  • Carry bag included
  • Prints can be ordered separately

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Give Great Visibility to Your Images with the 3x3 Pop Up Display

Imagine being able to add color and vibrancy to your exhibition spaces by placing your promotional images, which you have created with great effort and resources, at the center of attention. Now you can do it without wasting valuable energy, which you can instead use to effectively present your business to potential customers.

The Pixartprinting 3x3 Pop Up Display is a truly convenient and effective solution to give your promotional images the visibility they deserve. Despite its considerable size, it is an easy-to-transport tool, thanks to the practical included bag. You can set it up in just a few minutes using the innovative frame mechanism, designed for people like you who have limited time to set up their spaces.

Order your customized Pop Up Display now, perfectly aligned with your corporate image. You can do it easily on our website, taking advantage of favorable prices and fast and punctual shipping.

Features of Our Pop Up Displays

The 3x3 Pop Up Display is composed of an innovative aluminum frame with a practical mechanism for quick opening and closing, and 100% polyester fabric on which your custom graphics will be printed. The structure is sturdy and extra lightweight, allowing for easy transportation and reliable stability.

The display has considerable dimensions, despite its lightness:

  • Width - 239.5 cm
  • Height - 228.5 cm
  • Depth - 29.5 cm

Your images will be printed on a surface of 227x227 cm and will surely not go unnoticed.

Pop Up Displays and Other Ideas for Your Exhibition Spaces

At Pixartprinting, we constantly work to offer you new and original ideas for your business communication. Inside our website, you will discover numerous products, such as our trade show stands in different shapes and sizes. We recommend taking a special look at our XXL Pop Up Display to amaze potential customers and leave a strong memory of your business.