Tube Banner Stands

Tubular aluminium frame, 3 cm diameter. Easy assembly thanks to click-fit joints on each section.

The Customised Tube Banner Stand

To always be highly visible, you need an item that captures attention while being practical to use. Our aluminum tube banner stand is the perfect product for you. With its large size (80x230 cm or 240x230 cm), customers will easily see your messages, even in crowded places. The supports, with a base of only 40 cm, allow you to place the personalised tube banner stand wherever you want, without taking up excessive space.

The fabric that displays your image is 100% polyester, with an anti-wrinkle treatment. You can use it wherever you prefer, both outdoors (where it lasts up to 2 years) and indoors. The printing is done with 6-color sublimation inks, with a resolution of 720x720 dpi. As for the structure, it's made of aluminum and has a diameter of 3 cm. The snap-in joints on each tube segment make the fabric assembly easy.

Print Your Aluminium Tube Banner Stand and Take It Anywhere

The practicality of the customised tube banner stand allows you to display your promotional messages wherever you want. During events, even if they are crowded with many competing stands, you will always be clearly visible even from a distance. All of this applies to both outdoor and indoor settings, thanks to the characteristics of the polyester fabric used for the banner: you can use it at indoor fairs as well as in outdoor events that you sponsor.

The simplified assembly system allows you to quickly change the fabric to be placed on the aluminium tube banner stand. If you already have the structure, you can also order just the fabric, which you can then install on the product.

Print the Customised Tube Banner Stand and Other Products to Always Stay Visible

Now that you've harnessed the promotional potential of the aluminum tube banner stand, you have at your disposal the products needed to take care of every aspect of your presentation. Among our display stands, you can find gazebos customised for your stand, as well as products to furnish it, such as promotional desks.