Lamp-Post Banners

Get your town talking with our Lamp-Post Banners. These outdoor advertising flags are designed to be hung from lamp posts on streets, allowing your content to be seen from both directions. Advertise your message or event on main roads or near your shop.

  • Two models
  • Five sizes to choose from
  • Print available separately

Make Your Brand Stand Out with Lamp Post Banners

Create Vertical Pole Banners with Pixartprinting

Get outdoor display banners, including lamp post banners, easily and affordably with Pixartprinting. Lamp post banners can be attached to poles along streets, outside shops, or on thoroughfares to draw attention to your brand or advertise events in public areas.

What are Lamp Post Banners?

Lamp post banners consist of two poles and a sheet of fabric that can be attached to lamp posts or poles. Pixartprinting offers single- or double-sided banners with fabric fitted with pole pockets and polycarbonate eyelets to ensure stability. The banners are printed on 115-gsm windproof outdoor fabric with a resolution of 600 dpi, ensuring durability for up to two years outdoors.

Product Options

To create affordable, personalized pole banners, Pixartprinting offers a variety of customization options, including:

  • Model: single-sided or double-sided
  • Size: choose from five different sizes
  • Product configuration: order the print and hardware or the print only

These options ensure that your outdoor display banners are unique and effective in drawing attention to your brand or events.

Why Choose Pixartprinting?

Pixartprinting allows you to easily order your personalized lamp post banners online. Simply select the features you require, upload your print file, and choose a delivery date. With competitive prices, high-quality prints, and fast delivery, Pixartprinting is the best choice for your outdoor display banner needs.

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Pixartprinting offers a variety of outdoor display items in addition to lamp post banners, including gazebos, sideline banners, and wall-mounted banners. Choose the best tool to spread your message and promote your brand or events.