Giza 65

A three-sided, pyramid-shaped display made of single-wall cardboard.

Triangular Tabletop Display

Visibility for your product with our triangular display

Made entirely of 1.4mm corrugated cardboard, it is easy and quick to assemble with interlocking pieces.

This lightweight advertising display in a pyramid shape is ideal for placing on countertops as it stands at a height of 65 cm.

Cardboard Tabletop Display

An exclusively designed triangular display made with quality materials, customizable on all sides with your full-color graphic image and the possibility of applying a glossy laminated finish: the perfect tool for a close and straightforward promotion.

Its triangular shape makes it particularly appealing. With this advertising display, you will immediately attract attention, ensuring that your customers are aware of your promotions, events, or whatever you wish to advertise.

Your Triangular Display in an Instant

With Pixartprinting, customizing a triangular display is a task that will take very little time. Upload your image, request your quote, and you will quickly have your pyramidal cardboard display delivered to the address you have provided.

We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with the result.

Triangular Displays and POS Displays... Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it at Pixartprinting!

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