Shelf Displays

Looking for an innovative way to furnish your shop or cafe? Our cardboard shelf displays are bound to attract attention to your products with their functional yet unusual design. Fill the shelves with anything you like – from bottles and books to plants and beauty products.

  • Three models available

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Customized Cardboard Shelf Displays for Your Presentations

Sturdy, spacious, and stylish: for your setups, you need the best. You can showcase your items with originality, thanks to the corrugated cardboard shelf displays. Customers will appreciate your innovative style.

Unleash Your Creativity with Customized Shelf Displays

You have three different types of cardboard shelf displays to choose from: you can select the most suitable model for you, always starting with a size of 80x48x170 cm.

  1. Display stand with four large shelves on three columns and a wide backdrop with crowner, customizable on one side only.
  2. Model with four spacious shelves and a large backdrop with crowner, customizable on one side only.
  3. Display stand with four large shelves and a backdrop with ample side space and crowner, customizable on one side only.

When to Use Customized Cardboard Shelf Displays

Customized cardboard shelf displays are ideal for any presentation. You can showcase your products with the right style; thanks to the spacious shelves, you can display a large number of items. You will, therefore, have a suitable structure for events as well as activities such as bars, bookstores, and handmade fairs.

Products to Pair with Customized Shelf Displays

If you need a collapsible display stand but still want to maintain the uniqueness of cardboard, the vertical tower display stand is the item you are looking for. Complete your presentations in the best way possible, using our packaging for packaging your products to be showcased.