As well as separating your waste and recycling, why not make your bins easy to dispose of too? Choose Vaasa, a container with a square base that you can customise with your artwork, and don't leave anything to chance at conferences, festivals, events or your business premises – not even the bins!

  • Lamination available

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Keep Your Spaces Clean with Customized Cardboard Bins

During events, one of the most challenging issues to handle is waste management. Providing an adequate number of trash containers is not easy, and often, you find yourself spending entire days cleaning up a lawn or venue.

We offer you an economical and original solution to help solve this problem: Pixartprinting's customized Vaasa cardboard bins! You'll be able to offer your guests a sufficient number of personalized bins featuring your graphics and colors. This will create a cleaner environment rich with promotional tools displaying your company's logo.

You can order your customized cardboard containers on our website with just a few clicks. Take advantage of fast and punctual deliveries, and receive them conveniently at your doorstep.

Features of Our Vaasa Waste Containers

The Vaasa bins are made of lightweight yet sturdy 2.3mm double-wall cardboard. Weighing only 0.91kg each, they have a square base and compact dimensions:

  • Width - 30 cm
  • Height - 80 cm
  • Depth - 30 cm

They can be easily assembled using the interlocking technology. You also have the option to laminate the bin's surface, choosing between glossy and matte lamination. This way, the product's print will have enhanced durability and resistance.

Recycling Made Easy with Customized Cardboard Bins

By creating personalized cardboard bins, you can make correct waste separation easier for your guests. Sometimes, people need a little help or a "nudge" to do the right thing. So, why not communicate on the bins how to properly recycle? Visual communication with colors and images will also assist people in disposing their waste correctly.

During fairs and events, people are often in a hurry and won't spend much time figuring out where to throw their trash, especially if the instructions are unclear. But with customized cardboard bins designed to be clear in their purpose, you make this small yet essential gesture easy and intuitive.

From Customization to Purchase in a Few Clicks! Create Your Customized Cardboard Bins for the Event.

Customizing our products is truly simple and intuitive. You can download the useful template from the page and use it to set up your file correctly. Your images will fit the print medium perfectly, maintaining their shape, and resulting in a high-quality product.

You can keep track of the bin's price at any time during customization, thanks to the convenient free online quote. The price is estimated based on your choices, updating with each click. Once you've completed the customization process, you can easily complete the purchase to take advantage of punctual deliveries, saving you valuable time and energy.

Cardboard Waste Containers and Other Exhibitors for Your Events

At Pixartprinting, we work every day to continually offer you new ideas to improve your corporate communication. On our website, you can find interesting inspirations for setting up your exhibition spaces. In addition to Vaasa bins, you'll discover many other original exhibitors in cardboard or other materials, such as custom-shaped POS displays and advertising flags.