Roller Banners

Just a few simple steps: unroll, find the perfect position for your message, roll back up, repeat. Roller banners are an essential communication tool, and a convenient and effective solution to take with you and promote your brand wherever you go.

Roll up - Retractable Displays

I Roll up, commonly known as "retractable displays", are one of the most practical and effective solutions for promoting your products or company during expos or conventions. They are a reliable and useful tool for setting up exhibition spaces. With this product, you no longer have to waste time and energy preparing your stands; instead, you can use them to showcase your business at its best.

Our Roll up displays are strictly customizable and available for online ordering. In our website, you will find a solution for all your specific communication needs. Don't wait any longer and choose a reliable partner for promoting your products!

Our Roll up Models: Shapes and Sizes

Pixartprinting offers a wide range of Roll up displays characterized by extreme ease of use and a design that highlights your message. The retractable displays, thanks to their innovative mechanism, allow for the auto-retraction of the printed fabric into the removable supporting structure. Just a few steps to install a display that provides great visibility for your products or services.

Discover all our Roll up models and choose the one that best suits your needs:

  • Economy Roll up: a standard, economical yet quality solution for your advertising messages.
  • Classic Roll up: the classic single-sided display. Choose from 3 different materials and 4 formats.
  • Superior Roll up: characterized by an elegant and sturdy structure, available in 5 formats and 3 different materials.
  • Deluxe Roll up: the innovative single-sided roll up with a design that stands out on every occasion. It has dimensions of 85x200 cm and can be made in 2 different materials.
  • White Roll up: an elegant roll up with a white support structure.
  • Black Roll up: an eye-catching roll up with a black support structure.
  • XXL Roll up: the best choice for those who want to "go big." Choose from 4 extra-large formats and 2 materials.
  • Classic Double-sided Roll up: a classic double-sided roll up, equipped with two different printable banners. Double surface for double customization.
  • Deluxe Double-sided Roll up: an attractive double-sided roll up in 85x200 cm format.
  • Outdoor Double-sided Roll up: the best choice for using a retractable display even in outdoor environments. It comes with a base that can be filled with water and sand for stability.

All our displays come with a practical transport bag. Carry them conveniently with you during expos and events!

Custom Single-sided Roll up Displays

The single-sided Roll up displays feature a single printable banner for your graphics and a support structure inside which it can be retracted. It is a simple and effective communication tool that provides great visibility for your promotional messages.

The Roll up can be transported inside the provided convenient bag and can be set up in just a few steps. You also have the option to order a new customized banner only if you already have the supporting structure.