Economy Roll-up

If your priorities are saving money and making best use of the available space, the Economy Roll-Up is the solution for you: your banner is held by a bar that folds into the small and compact base. Take it with you to trade fairs or events.

  • Four materials to choose from
  • Carry bag included
  • Four different sizes
  • Assembly instructions

Print Cheap Custom Roller Banners for Your Presentations

Are you looking for a practical way to prepare for your events? Do you want to occupy as little space as possible to store your tools?

The Cheap Roller Banner meets your needs: you can organize sophisticated environments that are easy to set up. Thanks to the retractable pole inside the base, you can open and close your roll-ups with ease.

The Perfect Product for You

You can choose the ideal Cheap Roller Banner for you by selecting from the following features:

  1. Product Configuration: There are two options available. You can order the entire product (printed fabric and aluminum structure), or if you already have the stand, you can choose to order only the fabric.
  2. Material: You can choose from multiple options. The Ecoflat 398 gsm is a semi-rigid multilayer PVC/PET/PVC fabric with a smooth surface and a grey backing. It is ideal for printing roll-ups, banners, and displays. The 240 gsm fabric with a matte backing is 100% polyester with a matte grey polyamide backing, ensuring that there are no interferences with what is behind the fabric. With UV technology and Fine Art Printing at 12 picoliters, the details are ultra-fine, the blacks are very dark, and the colors are vibrant.
  3. Print Size: 60x200 cm, 85x200 cm, 100x200 cm, 150x200 cm.
  4. Printing Direction: Single-sided.
  5. Assembly: If you order both the structure and the print, you can choose to receive the banner already attached to the stand.

Practical Applications

The Cheap Roller Banner is ideal for setting up exhibitions and sophisticated environments: thanks to its practicality, you can prepare it very easily. After the event, you simply need to retract the structure and put it away, allowing you to use minimal space to store many Cheap Roller Banners. You can take advantage of the product's versatility for many other uses, both for the interiors of your business and to advertise your brand in enclosed spaces.

Products to Combine with Cheap Roller Banners

If you need other tools to elegantly set up your presentations, the counters, flyers, and display stands may be suitable for you.