Tension Fabric Frames

Tension Fabric Frames are advertising stands that offer the ideal solution for unique and eye-catching window displays, comprising an aluminium frame to which you can add your own customised prints. Pixartprinting has various models of frame to suit all needs and occasions, allowing you to display a different print every time.

The Right Tension Fabric Frame for Your Brand

Tension fabric frames are ideal for setting up your spaces and showcasing your products with style and effectiveness. This frame allows you to display your advertising messages through original design objects perfect for offices, corporate headquarters, or trade show booths. These are not the typical displays; they are sophisticated and impactful advertising displays.

These Tension fabric frames are composed of a frame: 4 profiles made of aluminum form the perimeter for printed fabrics, inserted into special slots that allow for tensioning. The printed fabrics are equipped with keder, a transparent PVC profile that facilitates installation.

Thanks to the fabric frames, Pixartprinting offers you the best solution to highlight your brand in any promotional context.

3 Models for Endless Fabrics: Always Fresh Tension Fabric Frames!

You can choose from various models of Tension fabric frames for impactful communication:

For all three models of advertising displays, you can order the fabric and frame or just the fabric print. This way, you can interchange the fabrics and keep the same support, replacing the image and message as many times as you want. Your graphics will be printed in high quality.

Promote a new menu, a new product, or attract customers to your store during sales season with an impactful or backlit frame for a stunning showcase even at night.

Print on Fabric with Pixartprinting: Quality and Affordability

Our fabric frames are made by combining an aluminum frame and a surface of polyester. This material is perfectly suited for printing, enhancing the colors of the images and ensuring precise rendering of details. At Pixartprinting, we select the best materials to always provide products faithful to your ideas. Polyester, in particular, offers an unbeatable quality-price ratio that benefits you. It is a synthetic fiber specifically designed for the production of extremely versatile, durable fabrics suitable for countless uses. Its properties make this material a highly recommended solution for creating clothing, furnishings, and much more:

  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial, and water repellent
  • Elastic, versatile, and long-lasting
  • Capable of enhancing the brilliance of printing colors and preserving the details of the printed images.

Order your new fabric advertising displays with Pixartprinting and experience the quality of our products firsthand! Make your spaces unique with perfectly printed frames that align with your store or company's coordinated image. High-definition printing and punctual service, all waiting to be discovered.

Uses of Fabric Advertising Displays

A trade show booth, an office, a store window, or an exhibition space: all these are ideal contexts for advertising displays with tensioned fabric. Choose the perfect model for your spaces and give new energy to your venue! The frames are also ideal for making your events unique and original.

All of Pixartprinting's Ideas for Setting Up Your Spaces

At Pixartprinting, you can find everything you need to promote your brand. A wide range of display stands, including frames, roll-ups, cardboard totems, and advertising flags. Choose 360-degree communication for your business: solutions for indoor and outdoor use, in different materials and formats. They are all printed in high quality and characterized by truly competitive prices. Discover them all!