Backlit Freestanding TFS Frame

Choose our Backlit TFS Frames with their integral LED system, and spotlight your message. When lit up, the frame highlights your print, making it stand out in shadowy or dark environments. Use the backlit panels for your shop windows, showrooms or trade fair stands, and give your message the maximum possible visibility.

  • Two sizes
  • Single- or double-sided

Backlit Photo Frames

Backlit photo frames can be an excellent solution for your offline communication. They manage to capture attention and stand out even in poorly lit places or at night.

Bright advertising panels are made of an aluminum frame that is delivered already assembled. The structure is lightweight and, therefore, suitable for transportation.

Inside the structure, there are a series of LEDs that illuminate the two prints placed on both sides of the frame. The fabric used for printing is a slightly elastic polyester fabric with anti-wrinkle treatment. It features good light permeability and a dense texture that allows for a high level of image detail. The colors are vivid and defined, especially with a backlight source. Ideal for dark or nighttime settings.

Backlit Photo Frames: Shedding Light on Your Message

Are your window displays losing their effectiveness at night? Do you have a grand opening coming up and want to furnish your space to make a lasting impression? If you're looking for an exceptional tool to make your message stand out, Pixartprinting offers backlit floor frames, stunning backlit photo panels.

Your message will no longer go unnoticed, but it will have a magnetic effect on your customers and passersby. The LED advertising panels consist of 4 aluminum profiles with front grooves to insert the tensioned fabric. Installing the prints is quick and easy, allowing you to continuously change the message and content based on the season or needs.

If you like, you can leave only your bright photo frames on in the window at night to highlight your message and at the same time, illuminate the display, capturing attention.

How Can I Customize My Backlit Photo Frames?

You can choose from two different models and 4 different sizes of illuminated panels:

  • single-sided model: available in 4 different sizes (70x100cm, 100x200cm, 200x200cm, 300x200cm)
  • double-sided model: available in two different sizes (70x100cm, 100x200cm)

Both models of bright photo frames are equipped with feet that guarantee stability to the structure. The fabric is made of 100% polyester and printed in high quality to define all the details and provide faithful and vibrant colors.

The backlit structure is a 12V LED system with a 220V transformer; the LED system is positioned on the back panel for the single-sided model, while it is located along the perimeter for the double-sided model. The frames are equipped with a Schuko plug only.

The printed fabrics are equipped with keder, a transparent PVC profile that facilitates installation. The single-sided structures have an aluminum back panel.

Bright LED Photo Frames: On Which Occasions Can I Use Them?

The LED lighting structure guarantees an impactful result for any occasion. In the office, at trade shows, or in shop windows, backlit panels are ideal for all display spaces. Capture the attention of passersby with exceptional frames or amaze trade show visitors with bright photo frames. Play with the light structure and make your message stand out in shady or dark environments.

Are You Setting Up Your Trade Show Booth?

If you need to set up your trade show booth for your company, backlit photo frames can have a great impact. In addition to the panels, be sure to take a look at all the other products in our catalog that may be useful, such as exhibition stands, promotional counters, or advertising flags.

Are You Setting Up Your Shop Windows?

If you are looking to set up your shop windows, in addition to backlit advertising frames, you may also need shop window stickers or Pixartprinting tension fabric frames.