Print your photos on aluminium

Durability, resistance and elegance. Aluminium is an ideal material for the highest quality printing. With Pixartprinting, you can print your photos on aluminium in just a few clicks, to create a beautiful, personalised photo print. You can decorate your walls quickly and easily, selecting your preferred configuration options on this page.

You can choose the orientation, format and size of your aluminium print. This means that you will get a bespoke product, ready for use. Upload your photo, select your customisation options and submit your order! The product will be sent directly to your home.

Photos on aluminium for elegant wall decor

It has never been easier to decorate your rooms! On this page, you can create fantastic wall decor to fill your spaces with colour. Print your photos on aluminium and produce a photo print that matches your style.

You can print a portrait, a landscape or an image you like. You can fill your walls with original combinations or with one large-format photo print. It's up to you! With our handy online editor, you can make your aluminium print look however you want. You can preview the end result and personalise every detail.

The advantages of printing on aluminium

Aluminium is a material that offers several advantages:

  • It is resistant to scratches, shock and UV rays: it is solid but lightweight. Your photo will be printed on a 3 mm thick white aluminium panel with a black polyethylene core. An aluminium print can last up to three years outdoors and indefinitely indoors. It is not affected by moisture or dust.
  • It is versatile: you can choose your preferred format to print your photos on aluminium. From small to large format, rectangular or square, landscape or portrait.
  • It is suitable for high-definition printing: your photo will be printed on aluminium using cutting-edge technology with clear details and bright colours.
  • It is elegant: it is a material that is used by artists and professionals in the photography world to create displays and exhibitions. Displayed on your wall, your new aluminium photo print will give your spaces an elegant look.

Photos on aluminium and lots of other materials

Aluminium is one of many materials that we offer for HD printing of your best photos. In our online catalogue, you can find others such as Plexiglass, Foamex and canvas. Take a look at our category dedicated to wall decor and find the best one for your needs!