The Ecological Photo Panel

Do you want to decorate your home walls with customized photo prints? Are you organizing a photo exhibition with your masterpieces? Today, you can bring your most beautiful shots to life, with a focus on the environment and sustainability. With Pixartprinting, you have the option to print ecological photo panels easily and quickly!

Select the customization options you prefer, upload your photo or image, and place your order! You will receive an elegant customized photo panel to hang on your wall, delivered directly to your home.

Print Your Photo on the Eco Photo Panel

The ecological photo panel is made of Dispa, a sustainable material composed of a two-wave core and a smooth white surface. It is durable yet lightweight and suitable for high-definition printing. It is often used for signs and decorations for shop windows and stores. Moreover, it can be used to print beautiful ecological photo panels that are environmentally friendly.

Thanks to their lightweight nature, Eco photo prints can be hung on thin walls or temporary installations. You have the option to order convenient spacers to easily and quickly install the panel. These will allow your photograph to be fully visible.

Decorate Your Walls with a Photo Panel

Bringing your most beautiful memories to life with Pixartprinting is easy! A photo taken by the sea with your partner, a selfie with friends, or a spontaneous shot during a festive evening. You can print an ecological photo panel using the image of your choice, giving shape and colors to your precious moments.

We use the latest printing technologies to guarantee you high-definition images at affordable prices. We offer our expertise and passion to provide you with the best quality result. Your walls will have a fresh look, completely in line with your style!

Photo Panels and Unique Photo Gifts

In addition to ecological photo panels, Pixartprinting offers many other solutions for printing your photographs. Take a look at the Wall Decorations and find the product that suits you best: Canvas Prints, Photo on Aluminum, Photo on Acrylic, Photo on Foamex, and much more.

Furthermore, within our catalog, you will discover fantastic Photo Gifts that can be customized with your photos. Find your favorite and create a unique gift for your partner, family, or friends!