What are Photo Tiles?

Photo Tiles are tiles that can be customized with your own photos. They consist of a three-piece plastic frame, which is pre-mounted, and a photo printed on photo paper.

The custom Photo Tiles are available in two formats: square (20 x 20 cm) or rectangular (20 x 25 cm).

The Photo Tiles are ready to use and come with special stickers to hang them on the wall right away. The repositionable stickers allow you to move them until you find the perfect spot. Alternatively, you can order your Photo Tiles with a stand to use them on your desk.

How to Personalize Your Photo Tiles

Creating your custom Photo Tiles is quick and easy. You can do it conveniently from your smartphone in just a few steps:

  1. Choose the photo you want to print.
  2. Select the tile format.
  3. View your picture in 3D to ensure your satisfaction.
  4. Select the quantity and delivery date.
  5. Enter your delivery address and checkout.

We'll take care of everything else, including printing and shipping your Photo Tiles to you. It's that easy, so don't wait any longer. Create your custom photo tiles now and decorate your walls.

20x20 Photo Tiles: Why Are They Called Photo Tiles?

The name "tile" is a reference to the dimensions of the material, which is mostly in 20x20 square format, similar to a tile used for wall decoration. Photo Tiles are designed to be displayed together to create photo layouts, either in an organized, geometric way or randomly.

Create a wall of memories with your new 20x20 Photo Tiles!

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