Custom Size Outdoor Posters

Outdoor posters are designed to promote your message in outside spaces and urban environments. They are made from a rain-resistant paper with a blue or white back that prevents light passing through, making any posters underneath invisible. Choose the dimensions and create your own bespoke posters.

  • Two different materials
  • From just one copy

Get Noticed with Custom Posters from Pixartprinting

Effective Outdoor Advertising with Personalized Posters

For impactful outdoor advertising, you need custom posters that fit perfectly on your billboard or promotional space. Our rainproof posters come with a blue or white back, which blocks out light and prevents any underlying posters from showing through. Pixartprinting's personalized posters can be ordered in any quantity, starting from just one piece. Printed using the latest technology and high-quality materials, our posters are durable and can withstand the elements for months, making them perfect for outdoor use.

Create Your Ideal Poster Size

At Pixartprinting, we offer custom posters in the UK in any size that suits your needs. You can specify your preferred dimensions in the height and width fields on the order form, ranging from 15 x 15 cm to 147 x 500 cm.

Choose from Waterproof Materials

Our personalized posters are available in two waterproof paper options. Both anti-pulping papers are ideal for billposting and can last for two to three months outdoors with paste. The 115 gsm Magistra Deluxe Blueback paper has a blue coating on the back that blocks light, ensuring that no previous posters show through. The Magistra Deluxe Whiteback paper is thicker at 150 gsm and has a bright finish that accentuates your artwork.

Order Your Custom Posters Today

Ordering your personalized posters in the UK from Pixartprinting is easy. Simply select your preferred size, paper type, and quantity. You can choose from the prices and delivery dates displayed on the site. If you don't need the fastest delivery, you can take advantage of our lower prices! You have three options for sending us your print file:

  1. Upload your artwork to the upload area after placing your order.
  2. Create your file in real-time on our website using our free editing tool, Designer.
  3. Purchase one of our design services to get help from our graphic designers.

If you need any advice or assistance, please contact our Customer Support team, available seven days a week.

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