XL Outdoor Posters

If you need to communicate on a large scale, print your message on our XL outdoor posters. The wet-strength paper is durable and resistant to rain and other weather conditions. Attach them to buildings, walls or billboards, and never go unnoticed again.

  • Various panelling options

Online Printing of Maxi Billboards

A Maxi billboard is a large-scale advertising poster, typically used for outdoor promotions in busy locations such as streets, bus stops, or stations. The keyword is "visibility": with a Giant Poster, you have the opportunity to give your advertising messages the visibility they need to catch the attention of passersby.

With Pixartprinting, you can print high-definition maxi billboards, featuring sharp images and vibrant colors. The large format will not compromise the print quality in any way: we use the latest printing technologies to ensure a result that meets all your expectations. Select the configuration options on the page and create your custom giant posters in just a few clicks. Set no limits to your desire to communicate and choose the grand format!

Order Maxi Billboards with Pixartprinting, Your Online Printing Company

You have the ability to shape your large format billboards directly on the page, quickly and effortlessly. Choose the configuration options that suit your needs:

  1. Billboard dimensions: Select the format that suits you best among those offered. These are standard formats easily applicable to any large advertising space:
    • Rectangular Format 400x300 cm
    • Rectangular Format 600x300 cm
    • Rectangular Format 380x280 cm
    • Rectangular Format 580x280 cm
  2. Material: Maxi billboards are made from Deluxe Blueback 120gsm Poster Paper. It is a tear-resistant material, particularly suitable for printing, and has a blue coating on the back that makes underlying billboards completely invisible. It can last up to three months in outdoor environmental stress conditions (temperature fluctuations, continuous exposure to sunlight, atmospheric agents).
  3. Paneling: Your Giant Poster will be divided into smaller panels, which will then be assembled at the time of posting. You can choose between two paneling options: 4 or 8 strips.

Select the Quantity of Maxi billboards and the ideal Delivery Date to view the useful Free Online Quote, estimated in real-time during customization. In just a few clicks, you can place your order.

Trust Pixartprinting for the Printing of Your New Advertising Posters

Our extensive catalog includes a wide range of products for indoor or outdoor promotions. Giant Posters are ideal for those who want to "go big" and give maximum visibility to their advertising messages. On the other hand, classic Standard Posters require more contained spaces but are also very effective when placed in particularly strategic areas. Flyers, on the other hand, can be used for indoor environments.