Special Finish Labels

When a classic label just isn't enough, add value to your product with our special finish labels. Use gold or silver foil or selective varnish, applied to certain parts of your label, to highlight certain words or parts of your artwork.

  • Protective varnish available
  • Short print runs available

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Create Customisable 3D Labels with Gold or Silver Finish in High Definition Print

Presenting your high-end products with sophisticated packaging is crucial for making a lasting impression. To enhance your packaging's elegance, we have designed premium quality 3D labels with a gold finish, silver finish, or 3D effect. These labels are customizable, allowing you to add your company's branding graphics with our state-of-the-art printing technology, producing bright colors and accurate details with high definition print quality.

At Pixartprinting, we print thousands of packaging products daily and understand the importance of quick, easy, and convenient communication of your product's value. Our website offers several configuration options that allow you to create the 3D labels you need.

Customize Your 3D Labels with Gold, Silver, or 3D Effect Labels

Our website makes personalizing your 3D labels easy with just a few clicks to select your preferred options:

  1. Format: Choose from several pre-defined formats, including round labels, rectangular labels, or square labels, or define a custom format by entering the required measurements in the width and height fields. Our printing surface area ranges from a minimum of 1x1 cm to a maximum of 30x30 cm.
  2. Material: We offer various materials that enhance your printed projects in style, each with its unique properties:
    • Coated paper ensures well-defined print and bright colors on labels that adhere to any smooth surface.
    • Laid paper, treated for mould and damp resistance, is ideal for high-end products such as wines and luxury items. It adheres to moist surfaces and produces reliable 3D labels printed in high definition.
    • Satin paper, with a pearly-white embossed surface, is mainly used in the wine-making and luxury sectors and for formal occasions.
    • Felt-effect paper, with an uneven surface similar to fabric, is natural and uncoated, stain-resistant, and suitable for use with food when there is frequent contact with oils and grease.
    • Polypropylene, white or transparent, is versatile and transparent, making it suitable for many different uses, even outdoors.
  3. Finish: All 3D labels receive Labellife3 scratch-resistant varnish, which makes them resistant to UV light and scratches.
  4. Special finish: Highlight certain details of your graphics by applying gold or silver hot stamping to produce a metallic effect or an extra-thick transparent varnish for an attractive 3D effect.
  5. Output direction: Choose the orientation of your 3D labels on the inside of the roll. Select the output direction that meets your packaging requirements: 0°, 90°, 180°, or -90°. We take care of rotating the graphics based on your preference when you send us your print file in standard view
  6. Distance between the labels: Customize the distance between labels by manually entering your preferred measurement. The minimum distance between one label and the next inside the roll is 0.4 cm.

Once you have selected your desired configuration options, download the useful Template on this page. It contains instructions from our graphic designers on how to correctly set up your print file. While customizing your labels, you can view your free quote online in real-time on this page.

Print Your Gold, Silver, or 3D Labels Online

We strive to offer you a comprehensive and affordable printing service that is efficient. Our Customer Support team is available to assist you at any stage of the process. Once you have placed your order online, we will deliver your new 3D labels directly to your office or home with our fast and reliable Shipping service.

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