Special Finish Labels

When a classic label just isn't enough, add value to your product with our special finish labels. Use gold or silver foil or selective varnish, applied to certain parts of your label, to highlight certain words or parts of your artwork.

  • Protective varnish available
  • Short print runs available

Embossed Labels with Gold or Silver Embellishment: Customizable and High Definition Printing

For your most elegant and sophisticated products, you need to pay attention to every detail of your packaging. That's why we have created refined and elegant Embossed Labels. Precious Gold, Silver Embellished, and 3D effect Labels that look and feel exquisite, making your product packaging unique. You can personalize them with your own graphics, perfectly aligned with your company's branding. Through our state-of-the-art technologies, we will bring your original ideas to life with high-definition printing, ensuring faithful details and vibrant colors.

At Pixartprinting, we print thousands of packaging products every day. We want to help you communicate the value of your offer in a simple, convenient, and fast way. As an online printing service founded on customer needs, our website allows you to select the configuration options that suit you best and create the Embossed Labels you need.

Customize Your New Embossed Labels: Gold, Silver, and 3D effect Labels

The customization of Embossed Labels can be done in just a few clicks on the page, by selecting your preferred options:

  1. Format: Choose from various predefined formats (Round Labels, Rectangular Labels, or Square Labels), or print your new Custom Format Labels by manually entering the Base and Height measurements you prefer. Please note that the minimum printable surface measures 1x1 cm, while the maximum measures 30x30 cm.
  2. Material: We offer different materials for printing your graphics. Each has unique properties that highlight the printing details remarkably.
    • Coated Paper ensures precise printing and brilliant colors on labels that adhere to any smooth surface.
    • Laid Paper, with anti-mold and anti-humidity treatment, is ideal for labeling high-quality products such as wine bottles and luxury items. It adheres to wet surfaces, guaranteeing reliable and high-definition Embossed Labels.
    • Satin Effect Paper, with an embossed pearly white surface, is mainly used in the wine, ceremonial, and luxury sectors.
    • Felt Effect Paper, natural and non-coated, has a rough surface reminiscent of fabric. It resists stains and is suitable for food use where frequent contact with oils and fats is expected.
    • Polypropylene, white or transparent, features high transparency and great versatility. Suitable for many use contexts, Polypropylene Labels can also be used in outdoor environments.
  3. Finish: All Embossed Labels are treated with Labellife3 Scratch-resistant Varnish. They will resist scratches and UV rays.
  4. Embellishment: Embossed Labels are enhanced with Embellishment, through which certain details of the print are highlighted. You can choose Gold or Silver hot foil printing to make some graphics details shine with a metallic effect, or you can apply a thick transparent varnish to make them stand out with a pleasant 3D effect.
  5. Roll Orientation: You also have the option to choose the orientation of your Embossed Labels within the roll. Select the suitable roll orientation for your packaging needs: 0°, 90°, 180°, -90°. Just send us the print file in the normal reading direction, and we will rotate the graphics according to your preference.
  6. Distance between labels: Inside the roll, the minimum distance between one Label and the next is 0.40 cm. You can customize the distance between individual Labels by manually entering the measurement that suits your needs.

Once you have selected your preferred configuration options, download the useful Template from this page. Inside, you will find instructions from our graphic designers for correct setup of your print file.

During customization, you can view the free online quote, estimated in real time on the page.

Order Your Gold or Silver Embossed Labels, and 3D effect Labels Online

We want to offer you a comprehensive, convenient, and efficient printing service. Our Customer Support services will always be ready to assist you at any stage of the purchase process.

Once you place your order, you will receive your new Embossed Labels directly at your office (or home) through fast and punctual shipping.

Pixartprinting is your online printing service. We work every day to meet the most demanding requests from companies and professionals, through continuous study of the best printing media and the use of the latest technologies on the market. Don't limit the desire to communicate your ideas!

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