Perfect binding for large print runs

Perfect binding for large print runs is designed for creating product catalogues and brochures containing technical information and prices. Two sizes, A4 and A5, and extremely lightweight paper make this the perfect product for mailing out promotional materials.

  • Variable number of pages
  • Two sizes
  • Choice of two cover papers

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Perfect bound book printing with customisation options available!

Pixartprinting gives you the option to print your customised book or magazine with perfect binding for long print runs at unique prices and in just a few simple steps.

If you are wondering when our perfect bound book printing for long runs might be useful, it's simple. Perfect bound magazines and books can be used in many situations. They could contain a home furnishing store's new collection and could be posted to all its customers.

They could also act as a catalogue and price list to hand out in-store; an airline magazine for passengers to read during their flight; or an industry magazine to give to people at a specific event. Perfect binding is suitable for all types of magazines for large-scale distribution or advertising.

Why choose perfect binding for your book printing and binding needs?

The fact that our magazines for long print runs are lightweight makes them ideal for delivery. It keeps shipping costs low, making delivery easy and affordable.

Pixartprinting has a range of personalisation options available:

  • To fully personalise your book or magazine, you can choose from due different sizes, A4 or A5.
  • Also, depending on your content, you can choose to print 116 or 132 sides, including the cover
  • .
  • The cover (gloss laminated on the front only) can be either 200 or 250 gsm.
  • The paper used for the inside of the magazine can be 70 or 80 gsm, depending on the type of paper selected (matt coated or gloss coated).

When you have selected all the options to fulfil your book printing and binding requirements, choose the most convenient delivery date for your printing schedule or your customer's needs. Pixartprinting will take care of the rest, delivering your magazine order directly to the address indicated.

Cheap book printing in the UK for long runs

The lightweight paper is the main advantage of the perfect bound magazine or book. Selected especially for this kind of publication, the weight of the paper keeps delivery costs down.

Magazines for long run printing are usually designed to be promotional, commercial, informational or provide entertainment, and are intended for wide usage and distribution to large numbers.

Pixartprinting is the ideal partner for this type of cheap book printing in the UK. The numerous options offered to customers achieve a high-quality print at competitive prices that you won't find elsewhere on the market.

Whether you are a large warehouse, a chain of shops or you are printing on behalf of a customer, perfect bound book printing for long runs is the ideal way to reach a vast audience at low cost and with excellent results.