Special Finish Perfect Binding

Choose special finish perfect binding to highlight key details on your catalogue. There are four sizes and three finishes to choose from – gold, silver and 3D varnish – which emphasise details in your artwork, words or images, instantly grabbing people's attention. The ideal choice for prestigious company profiles, elegant catalogues and sophisticated publishing projects.

  • Lamination available
  • Various papers available
  • Perfect binding

What is Special Finish Perfect Binding?

What do we mean by Special Finish Perfect Binding? "Perfect binding" refers to the way the pages are bound together, in this specific case through milled and glued binding. As for "Special Finish," it is a printing process that adds relief to selected elements on the cover, such as text and images.

With Special Finish Perfect Binding, you can create fantastic books, magazines, or catalogs with a professional look, durability, and a pleasant touch, thanks to the 3D effect.

Special Finish Perfect Binding: Style Your Catalog with Elegance

A catalog bound with perfect binding is an excellent way to communicate your business, service, or product to your customers. But if binding alone isn't enough, and you want to achieve a "wow" effect, Pixartprinting gives you the option to order Special Finish Perfect Binding and get a unique product.

For sophisticated catalogs, choose gold, silver, or 3D lamination, and highlight the details of your cover.

How to Personalize Them

To create Special Finish Perfect Binding that meets all your needs and reflects your brand, you have a range of customization options:

  • Format: You have four different closed formats to choose from (A4, A5, 16.5x24, and 21x21).
  • Orientation: Decide whether to set up your catalog horizontally or vertically.
  • Paper: From classic to deluxe papers, you have six different types of paper to create any type of catalog and best represent your brand's character.
  • Weight: Each paper has different weights that convey a distinct perception of the product. Choose the one that suits your project best.
  • For Special Finish Perfect Binding, you can also choose the cover paper: Select a paper from Classic demimatt coated or Classic gloss coated, both 300gsm and both laminated.
  • Lamination: The cover can also be laminated with the addition of a matte or soft-touch film. Both provide protection and long-lasting resistance; soft-touch lamination gives the product a velvety tactile effect.
  • Special Finish: The highlight of your Special Finish Perfect Binding is the lamination that allows you to emphasize certain graphic details and highlight specific elements. Choose from 3D varnish (a thick transparent film that creates a tactile relief effect), gold lamination, or silver lamination.

Special Finish Perfect Binding: Elegance in Catalog Format

Special Finish Perfect Binding is ideal for creating sophisticated magazines and catalogs for luxury sector products. From beauty to interior design, from an exhibition catalog to a company profile for a fair. Special Finish Perfect Binding ensures an impactful result to present your offerings at their best.