Special Finish Stapled Binding

Give even more prestige to your publications with special finish stapled binding. Choose the cover finish that suits your needs from the three options available – gold or silver foil and 3D varnish – and create stylish brochures, magazines, pamphlets or price lists that are easy to browse.

– Custom size – Wide range of papers – Lamination available

Wire-O Binding with Embellishment

Wire-O binding is the fastest and most economical method. It allows you to bind the pages of your editorial product using simple metal staples. Today, with Pixartprinting, you have the opportunity to enhance the cover of your magazine by adding embellishments: you can choose between 3D varnish and gold or silver lamination. Embellished Wire-O binding is recommended for printing editorial products with a limited number of pages, such as magazines, small booklets, brochures, and short catalogs. Discover it!

Customized and Embellished Wire-O Binding

At Pixartprinting, customization is key. We offer you a wide range of configuration options to shape the product you desire: format, number of pages, paper for the pages and cover, lamination, and embellishment. The embellishment will allow you to highlight specific details on the cover. You can choose 3D varnish to give the print a three-dimensional effect, while with gold or silver lamination, you can make certain details shine. Your magazines with embellished Wire-O binding will have a premium and elegant look.

Order Your Prints with Embellished Wire-O Binding

You can indicate which areas of your artwork you want to embellish through the dedicated layer in the print file. Download the Template and use it to set up your file:

  • The artwork on the Finishing layer should not contain gradients, screens, or transparencies; it should be vector-based and use the Finishing color sample.
  • The embellishments can have any shape you desire, allowing for greater creative freedom.
  • We recommend using a font with a minimum size of no less than 10 pt and a stroke weight of 1 pt.
  • Finally, we suggest not placing embellishments where the folds are located to avoid damage to the varnish or lamination.

Order Your Prints with Embellished Wire-O Binding Online

Download the Template and Instructions from the page to correctly set up your print file. Select the customization options you prefer, such as format, number of pages (including the cover), and the type of paper for printing the pages. Place your order, upload your PDF in a few clicks to complete the purchase, and receive your new magazines with Wire-O binding directly at your office with punctual delivery!

In the price grid, you can view the online quote, which is automatically estimated during the configuration of your product. There is no minimum order quantity: you can order even a single copy of your magazine.

Wire-O Binding and Other Solutions

For printing your new magazines, you can also choose other types of binding in addition to embellished Wire-O binding. We recommend taking a look at Perfect Binding, which is ideal for binding magazines with a higher number of pages. In this case as well, you can add embellishments to the cover: Embellished Perfect Binding has an elegant and refined look. Discover them!